Maintenance of Pond Place

Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of water and sewer pipes that exclusively serve their dwelling unit. The Pond Place Association, Inc. and Tax District are responsible for those which serve multiple dwellings. CNG currently retains full responsibility for gas pipes that extend from the foundation of dwellings outward. Homeowners are urged to obtain an endorsement to their homeowner’s insurance policy for “service line coverage”. Most insurance companies offer this endorsement for a small additional annual premium. Outside pipe breaks or ruptures can be very expensive to repair. Do yourself a favor and acquire such a rider or endorsement. The Board has been unable to obtain coverage for all exterior service line pipes in Pond Place but will continue to endeavor to do so.

Each homeowner is responsible to keep their exclusive use area in a neat and attractive condition. Removal of any trees 6” or greater in diameter requires written permission of the Design Review Committee. Outdoor storage of commercial vehicles, boats or trailers is prohibited. The Tax District will pick up properly placed and piled leaves, brush and tree branches during period of Spring and Fall Clean-Up. Dates are announced seasonally.

Pond Place is a great place to live. When deciding whether to purchase here, please take into consideration the strict exterior maintenance restrictions and requirements, the taxes to maintain the private roads and grounds and the dues to operate the Association. Please download and read the Guidance to Realtors, Prospective Purchasers & Renters.”


Building Guidelines

Any modification to your exterior dwelling requires owners to submit an Exterior Modification Application.  See Pond Place Building Guide

Trash & Recyclables pick-up: Paine’s picks up trash on Wednesdays weekly and recyclables on Wednesdays bi-weekly schedule with one day delay for certain specified holidays.   Your barrels need to be on the curb by 6:00 AM on the morning of collection to assure pick-up. Barrels must be stored in your shed or garage except on the evening before, and day of, pick-up. 


See Paine’s Pick-up Schedule:  

Owners or tenants should contact White & Katzman, not Paine’s.  Likewise any requests for special pick-ups or complaints regarding non pick-ups should be routed through White & Katzman.  

Guidance To Homeowners

Owners may rent their homes. Short term or vacation rentals are prohibited.

Annual eases are recommended when leasing. Owners must furnish the names of all tenants/occupants to White & Katzman along with the e-mail address, phone numbers and make, models and license plates of all tenant vehicles prior to occupancy. Owners are encouraged to put provisions in their leases to mandate Tenants comply with all Pond Place Association and Tax District Rules and Regulations to avoid issues should Tenants violate the rules as Owners will be held responsible for their Tenant’s misconduct.

Owners and Residents are encouraged to provide E-Mail addresses to management to assure quick and reliable receipt of communications from management and the Boards. Snail mail is only utilized for billing and legally mandated notices. Those who fail to do so may miss many courtesy notices concerning snow removal, driveway and road maintenance, fertilization and pesticide application and events.

Annual Meetings

Members of the Association may vote at the Annual Meeting, normally held in mid-May, to elect Governors and any Special Meetings called to approve any changes to the Declaration of By-Laws of the Association or approve non-recurring expenditures.


All residents of the Pond Place Tax District may vote at the annual election, normally held in May, to elect Officers and Directors, to approve the budget and mill rate and whenever any special meetings are held to approve special assessments.

Pond Place Taxes

FY Taxes to the Tax District are due in two installments, the first half (like town taxes) on July 1st and the second half on January 1st, of the following year. Taxes become delinquent if not paid by the 31st of the month in which they are due and will carry retroactive interest at 1 ½% per month (18% per annum) until paid. 

Your land lease payment (if you have not already paid your lease off) is due in the amount of $50 on the 1st of every month without notice, demand or bill. Those who are not delinquent may prepay an entire year in the amount of $519.11 on the 1st of any month and take advantage of a significant savings. Land Leases in arrears will carry retroactive interest at the Hartford area prime rate plus 3% from the date of delinquency.

Annual Dues to the Association are payable on July 1st of any given year and will become delinquent if not paid by July 31st of that year.  Unpaid dues are currently carrying a delinquent interest  rate of 12% per annum retroactive to the date of delinquency.


The Board enacted a new rule on September 27, 2021 prohibiting the leaving outside of food for feral and roaming animals as follows: “For purposes of health and safety, no member of the Association, members of his or her household, his or her tenants or residents of the Tax District shall leave any food outside the confines of a dwelling unit or in an open garage or shed which may attract or be consumed by bears, coyotes, coy dogs, bobcats, skunks, possums, raccoons, roaming dogs or roaming cats. Violations shall be punishable by fine.”

Dogs are common in Pond Place but must be on a leash at all times. They may not be tethered outside and owners are expected to pick up after them.  

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