Association + Tax District Meeting Minutes

No Meeting in January 2013. (Canceled due to weather).

There was no meeting in December 2013 (Holiday Break)

There was no meeting in January 2015. (Canceled due to weather.)

There was no meeting in December 2015 (Holiday break).

No meeting in February 2019 (Quorum was not met)

No meeting in June 2019

No meeting in December 2019 (holiday break)

January Minutes not published

No meeting in February 2020

No meeting in March 2020

No meeting in April 2020

May 2020 not published


Note: The 2021 Annual Meeting minutes are not official until approved at the 2022 Annual Meeting.

2019-2020 Association and Tax District audits presented during the Board’s September 27, 2021 meeting:

No meeting in December 2021 (Holiday break)


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