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Message from the President of the Pond Place Association, Inc. 5-21-24

Annual Meeting

      The Annual Meeting of the Pond Place Association, Inc. will take place at the Avon Town Offices at 6:30 PM on May 23, 2024. Four incumbent governors are running for re-election: Christopher Rossetti, Katia Salokas, Judith Larkin and John Williams. Any member of the Association is eligible to run for election and participate in voting (one vote per dwelling). The draft budget, which will be voted on at the Board of Governors meeting later that evening, will be presented. The presentation of the District proposed FY 24-25 budget and election of officers and directors of the Pond Place Tax District will follow together with a vote on adoption of the proposed budget and fixing of the mill rate. All registered voters who reside or own property in the District are eligible to vote. Participation is encouraged. Participation, but not voting, by Zoom will be possible. This is also a good opportunity to see and meet your board members/candidates in person. Here is the slate of incumbents running for re-election and the positions they are seeking:


President                   Mitchell Uzwack                   9 Laurel Lane

Vice-President          Greg Weston                        3 Clover Court

Clerk                           Judy Larkin                           9 Jay Court


Director                      James Downey                    3 Pond Circle

Director                      Austin Patenaude               6 Arrowhead Court

Director                      Christopher Rossetti            2 Arrowhead Court

Director                      Katia Salokas                       1 Clover Court

Director                      John Williams                        4 Butternut Circle

Pond Place Association, Inc. FY 24-25 Draft Budget

      The draft budget is $153,710.00. The budget is funded by both income from our land leases and annual dues. Annual dues would rise by $10.00/dwelling to $485.00/annum. All services, including community wide trash and recycling services, will continue to be provided at current levels. Up to $3,500.00 is budgeted for community activities including Pond Place Halloween. Northington Meadows, the 501 C (3) non profit non stock corporation that holds title to the Stubb Pond Parcel, will have its annual funding maintained at $10,000.00 to cover costs of dam maintenance and treatment of the pond against eutrophication.

Pond Place Tax District Proposed FY 24-25 Budget

      The proposed 2024-25 fiscal year budget is $313,950.00, which represents a less than 2% increase over that of last year. Because the Town of Avon performed a revaluation last year and because the Tax District uses Avon’s October 1, 2023 Grand List, some homeowners may see their Pond Place Tax District bills rise more than 2% and others will see an actual reduction in the amount of their taxes. The proposed budget includes $47,000.00 in funds earmarked for repair of surface water drainage systems and $20,000.00 in funds earmarked for road and catch basin repairs throughout the community. A $20,000.00 contingency fund is included to deal with unanticipated expenses that may arise during the fiscal year. Also included is a $25,000 contribution to the Capital Reserve Fund.

Removal of Dead Indigenous Trees

      Our long time provider, McLellan Tree Service of Bristol, has been removing dead trees brought to the attention of management or identified by walkthrough throughout the community. Due to wet soil conditions behind Owl Court and Pond Circle in the direction of the pond there will be delays in removal of several trees there. Due to the necessity of arranging crane work there will be a delay in removal of several other identified trees elsewhere. If you have a dead indigenous tree on your EUA please contact Mike Montgomery at White & Katzman. Living trees will not be considered for removal by the Association. Removal of living trees on EUAs is only by permission of the DRC if they are 6” or more in diameter or over 6’ in height.

Spring Inspections

      Our property manager, Mike Montgomery, will be inspecting all dwellings and EUAs in Pond Place this Spring for compliance with maintenance standards. The community has responded very favorably to tightened maintenance standards and with some few exceptions it is now looking well maintained. The Board does intend to impose fines on homeowners who, after being given reasonable time to do so, fail to effectuate repairs.

Design Review Committee

      Members are reminded that virtually all modifications to the exterior of dwellings, sheds and garages or application of stain/paint (except for minor touchups), require prior approval of the Design Review Committee. White and off white is prohibited for any and all purposes including exterior piping. Not all existing colors or combinations currently observed in the community will be permitted going forward. Please follow the process to ensure your colors are allowed. Applications are available on White & Katzman’s PILERA platform, by download from our website or may be obtained by contacting our managing agent, Mike Montgomery at White & Katzman. Homeowners who fail to comply with the Design Review process will be subject to fine.

Surface Water Drainage System Repairs and Improvements

      All storm sewers and surface waters in Pond Place drain into either Nod Brook or Stub Pond. Many EUAs and storm sewers utilize surface swales or a combination of surface swales and piping to carry rain water off. We have some deferred maintenance that requires attention. The first three projects will be on and between 1-2 Edgewood and 9-10 Dover Circle, behind 9 Owl Court and draining the swamp that has developed between 8-9 Arrowhead and 1-4 Clover due to a thought to be clogged pipe.  Personnel and equipment from our contractors and Complete Environmental Services and JH Property Services, will be entering on EUAs in May to excavate and effectuate repairs. Any damage caused will be promptly repaired. Additional projects will be undertaken this summer.

Landscape Improvements

      Cleanup of the area immediately behind the new fence separating us from the Firestone property is planned. Also planned is the planting of some shrubs around the old school bus stop and some trees to enhance buffering on the northern perimeter. Re-stoning/improvements to the Walking Path to prevent erosion of bluestone is also planned.

Road and Catch Basin Repairs

      Assuming passage of the proposed budget the Board intends to effectuate a significant amount of repairs to our roads, curbing and catch basins. This work will be likely be performed this late spring or early summer

Social Committee

      The Social Committee is organizing activities including Friday evening pickleball and a Happy Hour to be held near the pond. Please give White & Katzman your e-mail address if you wish to be notified of upcoming events or consult our website at:

Board Meetings

      The next meetings of the Pond Place Tax District and Pond Place Association, Inc. Boards will be held on May 23, 2024 at 7:00 P.M or immediately after the Annual Meeting and will also be transmitted via Zoom. All owners and residents may attend the meetings and are invited to make comments. Hyperlinks and instructions for participation will be posted on our website the day of the meeting. White & Katzman may also send hyperlinks to the Zoom meeting via electronic mail for those who have e-addresses on file.

Final Message

      As I am not running for re-election as President, this will be my final message to the community. I want to thank all those members of the community who have volunteered or served on the Boards these past three years. Much has been accomplished in improving the community. Going forward, and until directed otherwise, residents or owners should contact Mike Montgomery at White & Katzman with issues, complaints, concerns or for guidance.


Christopher J. Rossetti

Management Contact Information:


Mr. Michael Montgomery
Managing Agent

P: 860.291.8777 x107

Ms. Carmen Rivera
Accounts Receivable
P: 860.291.8777 x128


      Trash & Recyclables pick-up: Paine’s picks up trash on Wednesdays weekly and recyclables on Wednesdays bi-weekly on their B-Week schedule with one day delays for certain specified holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving during 2024. The schedule is posted on Your barrels need to be on the curb by 6:00 AM on Wednesday mornings and should be returned to their sheds or garages before sunrise the day after. Should new residents or owners wish smaller or larger barrels than those inherited from the prior owner or tenant they should contact White & Katzman, not Paine’s. Likewise any requests for special pick-ups or complaints regarding non pick-ups should be routed through White & Katzman.


      Persons who have fallen into arrears on their obligations to the Pond Place Association or the Pond Place Tax District are reminded their delinquent amounts will be carrying a high rate of interest. It is in their best interest to get these arrearages paid off.


      Unpaid FY 23-24 taxes are now DELINQUENT and are being turned over for collection.


      Unpaid FY 23-24 Dues to the Association are now DELINQUENT and may be turned over for collection.


      FY 23-24 Taxes to the Tax District were due in two installments, the first half (like town taxes) on July 1st, 2023 and the second half on January 1st, 2024. Taxes become delinquent if not paid by the 31st of the month in which they are due and will carry retroactive interest at 1 ½% per month (18% per annum) until paid; these unpaid taxes are now DELINQUENT and may be turned over for collection.


      Your land lease payment (if you have not already paid your lease off) is due in the amount of $50 on the 1st of every month. Those who are not delinquent may prepay an entire year in the amount of $519.11 and take advantage of a significant savings.


      Land Leases in arrears on July 1, 2022 will carry retroactive interest at 3% from the date of delinquency with respect to all delinquent payments from due date. Those more than 12 months delinquent will be referred to the Association’s attorneys for legal collection.


      Taxes in arrears are currently carrying a rate of 1.5% per month retroactive to the date of delinquency. Those 75 days or more delinquent may be referred to the Tax District’s attorneys for legal collection.


      Delinquent Association obligations carry interest at the rate of 12% per annum from date of delinquency. Those more than 75 days delinquent may be referred to the Association’s attorneys for legal collection.

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