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Pond Place Tax District Meeting Minutes - April 25, 2024



Michael Montgomery


DIRECTORS PRESENT                                      Absent: Austin Patenaude

Christopher Rossetti, President

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President

Judith Larkin, Clerk

Katia Salokas

Greg Weston

John Williams



James Downey, Treasurer



Ann Costello

Lois Hessert-Blawie

Ana Cruse

Roland LeBlanc



Rossetti moved the minutes of the March 28,2024 meeting be approved as transcribed and circulated. The motion was seconded and passed.






Downey met with Salokas, Montgomery and staff from the office at W&K. His first priority is to get the prior years’ audit closed. The $50,000 not classified was found in the audit for 2022 and we should finish the year with no major deficiencies. Northington Meadows has $2600 in the account.




The Tax District proposed budget was presented, and there will be a 2% increase from 2023. $25,000 was allotted to the Capital Reserve account. Last year both District and Association accounts transferred $100,000 to the Capitol Reserve account in addition to the budgeted amount. This included monies for replacement of the dam and the roadway parcel bridge.

In Rossetti’s opinion, this fully met the criteria of the recent Capital Reserve study done by Reserve Advisors, which calls for an annual contribution from both entities to total $47,000. As the fund was “superfunded” last year, no monies were sent from the Association budget.

Rossetti moved the Board pass the proposed budget to present it to the members at the annual meeting in May. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Complete Environmental Services has submitted a proposal to mitigate the swamp between Arrowhead 8-9. Our engineers have approved the proposal as reasonable, and will oversee the work. The $31,893.60 charge reflects the $2,250 discount negotiated by Rossetti. Rossetti moved we accept the proposal and the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


Rossetti met with Jesse Casey to finalize the list of dead trees on EUA’s to be removed by McClellan Tree Services. A separate proposal will be submitted for stump grinding. Rossetti moved we approve the contract as circulated, with the work at 7 September Way being deleted. If approved, the work would start on April 29.  The motion was seconded and passed. Montgomery will send an eblast to the community informing them of McClellan’s presence on the property.


Rossetti reported that the area in front of the new boundary fence with Firestone needs to be cleaned up, the stumps need to be ground and the area mulched. He recommends planting 6 6-foot trees at the bend in the path at the rear of 9 Edgewood to block off the “road” created to allow equipment access to remove dead trees. A mixture of Spruce or Firs would be used, and the project cap would be $2500. A motion was made to go ahead with the project, which would be done by JH Services. The motion was seconded and passed.


Rossetti asked Justin Smart of Plainville Electric to give us a quote for the replacement of all bulbs in the streetlights and pathway lights. This would allow us to set up a replacement schedule instead of just responding to individual outages. He also requested a quote for the installation of a pole security light at the entrance to Big Y, and for the extension of the pathway lights to the same entrance.


Rossetti moved we secure an estimate for planting 10-12, 4-to-6-foot evergreens as a buffer along the section of the northern perimeter of the property behind Clover and Dove, where there is no fence. The motion was seconded and passed.


Rossetti spoke with Jesse Casey as to landscaping the old bus stop site. It was recommended Hollies be planted on the East side, to mimic the Hollies on the West side. Small shrubs could be planted by the bench. JH would do the project, and cost would be kept to under $1,000.00.

A motion was made to move forward with the project, and the motion was seconded and passed.


Rossetti would like to turn over securing project proposals and overseeing project work to management, and Montgomery agreed.


2024-25 elections will be held the 23rd of May in the Avon room of the Town Hall, and all members of the Board are up for re-election. There is a vacancy on the Board, and Rossetti would like us to consider bringing Downey on to the Board. Montgomery will call the town Manager’s office to reserve a room.


Rossetti thanked Salokas and Downey for their work on the preparation of the budget.


Ann Costello inquired at to the status of 195 West Main title searches. Rossetti reported that the report is due within the next 2 weeks.


With no other business or comments,

Meeting adjourned at 8:31 P.M.


Judith Larkin, Clerk

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