Tax District Meeting Minutes|


Property Managers Present

Michael Montgomery


Directors present                              Absent

Christopher Rossetti, President           Austin Patenaude

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President

Judith Larkin, Clerk

Lois Hessert-Blawie

Katia Salokas

Greg Weston

John Williams


Officers present

James Downey, Treasurer


Unit Owners Present

Susan Jansen

Ana Cruse

Rodney LeBlanc

Ann Costello

Al Paliwoda


Meeting called to order at 7:27 p.m.

Rossetti moved the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as transcribed and circulated.  The motion was seconded and passed.

President’s Report


Manager’s Report


Treasurer’s Report

Jim Downey discussed the Treasurer’s report. He will enquire as to whether it is feasible to set up a sweep from our checking account to our investment account with Charles Schwaab. Rossetti suggested we instead check with W&K to see if CT Bank has a money market account into which we could sweep our excess operating account balances. Rossetti will make that inquiry.

Downie suggested our accounts be simplified by reducing the number of line items in the budget. He will contact King and King and will ascertain what the accumulated depreciation represents.

Old Business

Rossetti reported that the remnants of the retaining wall by the former bus stop near Pond Circle were destroyed by our landscapers during the last plowing. Montgomery will follow up with our request to W&K Property Management to submit a proposal to rebuild the retaining wall.

Rossetti reported that he held 2 meetings for Board members to look at the surface water drainage system maps provided by Mike la Rosa. The three top priorities for repair are:

Behind 10 Owl – the drain needs to be uncovered and a plunge pool created

1-3 Edgewood – drains need to be uncovered and swales re-excavated

3-5 Arrowhead – drainage needs to be repaired, but we need the report of the Title search for 195 Main Street to check on who is responsible for the maintenance of the area where the pipe drains the strip mall’s parking lot.

JH property Services has submitted proposals to do the jobs at 1-3 Edgewood and behind 10 Owl, but these are unacceptable as written. LaRosa will be communicating with AJ at JH Services to resubmit the proposals with better detail, pricing, etc.  


Rossetti reported that excessive pea stone was removed during the last plowing of snow. JH is researching placing a guide onto the plows that would elevate the shovel when doing the driveways or back-blading. Montgomery was asked to investigate complaints of gouges being made in driveways of 1 Keystone, 9 Jay court and Raven and have JH services repair them. 

A request was received to plow the larger parking areas at the same time as the cul-de-sacs. The current contract with JH Services does not call for this, but when the contract is up for renewal it could be included in the new contract. This will be considered at that time.


Rossetti reviewed the practice regarding removal of indigenous trees, and said this is a Common Improvement. Under our current Declarations, the Association is responsible for the maintenance of Common Improvements, which would include the removal of dead/dying indigenous trees and their progeny. The Association has largely removed such trees from the Common areas, and those on EUA’s are left. Uzwack asked if the Declarations could be amended, and the economic expense of their removal be put on the owner of the EUA. Rossetti stated it would be possible when the Declarations are rewritten if the community so desires.

Rossetti moved that we engage McClellan Tree Services to act on their pending proposal to remove the marked dead/dying trees on EUA’s and to use Option 2, which uses a crane to remove item #5, the pine tree by #6 Pond Place. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Montgomery will notify all owners likely to be impacted by these removals, and will send an email or letter to these homeowners as well as an eblast to the community as a whole in advance of scheduled removal.

Rossetti wants to do a replanting of evergreens and deciduous trees this spring or fall, and asks Board members to make suggestions as to where to place these trees to keep Pond Place “woodsy”. Funds to do so will be included in next year’s budget.


With no other business or comments, the

Meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.

Judith Larkin, Clerk

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