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Michael Montgomery



Christopher Rossetti, President

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President

Katia Salokas, Treasurer

Judith Larkin, Secretary

Lois Hessert-Blawie

Susan Jansen

John Williams



Greg Weston

Jim Downey

Ann Costello

Ana Cruse

Rodney LeBlanc

Mark Visconti

Al Paliwoda



Rossetti moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be approved as transcribed and circulated. The motion was seconded and passed.


Mark Visconti was present for a hearing for the construction being done at 7 Edgewood. No approval was noted on Pilera, but Visconti states he had verbal approval from the former Chair of the DRC, Amber Jones. Considering the advanced state of construction and the lapse of time since the original modification was filed, the DRC approved the application. Visconti will have all the construction equipment and debris removed by June 30, 2024.




Hessert-Blawie reported that the committee is not operational as yet


Weston reported that he now has credentials to access the website. Attorney McCracken is drafting disclaimer language for the proposed Trusted Provider List, and Rossetti will circulate a form to the Board for approval for members to use to add tradesmen to the list. Williams discussed when to post the meeting minutes, and it was decided to post them when corrected, entitled Draft, until approved by the Board at the next meeting.  



Owner Ana Cruse thanked Rossetti for solving the drainage problem at 9 Arrowhead, if just temporarily. Rossetti stated it is a work in progress.




Salokas reported that the financials for January were sent out to the Board. She is working with the staff at W&K to correct deficiencies/incorrect postings. There is a turnover of staff, and they are trying to catch up. The Finance Committee will be working on the budget and striving to improve/simplify line-item postings.


Montgomery will keep the Board posted as to when the Spring inspection will occur, and he has sent violation notices to those who habitually leave their trash barrels out beyond the allowed time. Hessert-Blawie asked if the DRC could have someone accompany management on the spring inspection, but it was decided that management should be the sole inspector. Violations noted by Board members should be sent to management, and Montgomery will see that these will be added to the violation list.

Downey asked as to the current rules for sheds for trash barrel storage for EUA’s without a garage. Rossetti reported that he is working with an architect who has worked for Pond Place before to design such a shed/container.


Rossetti reported that he is working with Carmen Rivera of W&K to find the status of outstanding fines for 20 Gray Pine Common that existed when W&K took over management of Pond Place. It is not clear if Attorney Rosenberg received notice of outstanding fines that accrued before management changed. Rossetti and Salokas need a copy of the collection reports that were sent to Attorney Rosenberg. Montgomery will get an update and send it to Rossetti and Salokas.


Status of the purchase of 150 Darling Drive: a draft contract and title issues are in the hands of the attorneys.


Attorney McCracken has completed the initial title search on the easement associated with the pipe discharging water from 195 West Main Street’s parking lots onto Pond Place property. He has not found one, so he will do a search going farther back in time. Rossetti would like this wrapped up by March so that he can ascertain fiscal responsibility for the needed drainage repairs.


Rossetti reported that Bill Sage has resigned from the DRC, and thanked him for his service to Pond Place. Rossetti moved that Judy Larkin be appointed as a full member to fill the open spot. The motion was seconded and passed. Rossetti noted that Hessert-Blawie was elected by the DRC committee to be the single communication point person to Pilera, and reminded the committee that all 3 members were to post their vote on applications.


Rossetti reported that he spoke with the Town of Avon manager Brandon Robertson as to having a Pond Place Representative to the Town Council. Robertson suggested we have someone monitor the agenda of the various committees instead, as Pond Place does not currently qualify to have such a Representative. As Pond Place is in an industrial zone, there are fewer inherent protections in the Zoning Code. Judy Larkin agreed to consider acting as ‘Town Government Monitor’, and will monitor the P&Z and IW commissions.


Rossetti reported on the development of the property at 275 and 277 West Main Street, which abuts the far northwestern end of our property, beyond the tennis court. There is a deep buffer at the rear of this property which the Land trust of Avon currently monitors and maintains existing trails. It does not appear that this abuttal will impact our property.


Montgomery asked if the Board would be amenable to starting our meetings at an earlier time. There was no interest in this, so meetings will continue starting at 6:30 pm.


Rossetti noted that the completed final copy of the Building Guide has been mailed to all members in compliance with State statutes and our Declarations and Bylaws. He received a few comments from resident John Day, and he will circulate these to the Board. Rossetti moved that the Board adopt the Guide and that no further additions or corrections be added to the Guide as sent. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. The website has a correct version of the Guide, and no one is authorized to make changes without the Board’s approval.

 Hessert-Blawie asked as to the status of the revision of the Rules and Regulations. Rossetti will assist in the revision and has several adopted Rules on his computer which are not currently published on the website. Hessert-Blawie would like a document similar to the Guide to be published, and she agreed to take on the project and ask Marjorie Guidice for help.


Rossetti moved that the Board adopt the previously circulated Resolution concerning execution of documents for payment in full of rent under ground lease.The motion was seconded and passed. A copy of this resolution is attached.


With no further business,


Judith Larkin, Secretary


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