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Michael Montgomery


Lisa Sachen



Christopher Rossetti, President

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President

Judith Larkin, Secretary

Lois Hessert-Blawie

Susan Jansen


Katia Salokas, Treasurer

John Williams



Carol Shaw

Ann Costello

Paula Darlington

Mike LaRosa

Ana Cruse

Cindy Capirchio

Marjorie Guidice

Rodney LeBlanc

Wayne LaFinch



Recap of the recent inspection of properties

Recap of the recent inspection of properties by Michael Montgomery, followed by enforcement hearings with property owners who were cited to appear at this meeting due to noncompliance with maintenance orders.


The owner of 15 Finch run was present and asked if he could have an extension of completion date to remove the leaves on the roof. He has corrected the violation requiring him to replace a sliders’ glass. He was given an extension to December 1,  2023.


The owner of 9 Keystone was absent and had been cited for having white trim on the house. A fine of $10/day was assessed, and it will be in force until the mandatory maintenance items are corrected.


The owner of 9 Grey Pine common was absent, and had been cited for lack of numbers on the house and garage and the presence of a trampoline in the backyard. A fine of $10/day was assessed and will be in force until the mandatory maintenance items are corrected.


The owner of 2 Nuthatch was absent, and had been cited for a missing house number and the need for staining of the house. A fine of $10/day was assessed and will be in force until the mandatory maintenance items are corrected.


The owner of 7 Highland court has been cited for having a satellite dish on the roof. The owner has hired W&K maintenance to remove it, and has been granted an extension of completion date until December 16, 2023.  A fine of $10/day will be imposed after that time if removal is not completed.


The owner of 11 Grey Pine Common has been cited for having white trim and peeling paint. An extension of completion date has been requested until the spring of 2024. As this violation was cited in 2021, the extension was not granted, and a fine of $10/day until maintenance items were corrected was imposed.


The owner of 2 Owl Court was present and requested a 4-6 week extension of completion date to replace the glass on cited windows. An extension was granted until February 28, 2024.


The owner of 3 Pond Circle has been cited for having a front door painted a color that is not approved. He requests an extension of completion date to April 2024. An extension until April 30, 2024 was granted, at which time a fine of $10/day will be imposed until mandatory maintenance item is completed.


The owner of 10 September Way has been cited for having an unapproved color on the house. As CM Maintenance did approve this, the owner is grandfathered in until staining is again needed.


The owner of 10 Finch run has been cited for leaving the trash barrels out beyond the allowed time. The owner states the President of the Association gave him permission to leave them outside. This matter will be continued until the January meeting, and the homeowner will be requested to appear.


The owner of 7 Edgewood has many violations, and will be scheduled for a hearing in January.


Montgomery will update the list by November 18th, and requests that any additions be sent to him promptly.


Rossetti moved that the minutes of the October 26, 2023 meeting be approved as revised and circulated.


The motion was seconded and approved.


Marjorie Guidice thanked the Board for the Pickleball Courts, and suggested that the nets be stored for the winter and the gates to the court be locked.


Larkin was asked to purchase a wreath for the entry sign, and she agreed to do so.

Rossetti polled the Board members to see if there was an interest in having a self-funded

Christmas party on either December 14 or 21. The response was positive, so he will schedule the social.


There will not be a December Board meeting, as members can be contacted should the need arise.

Due to the recent break-ins, the community has been advised to keep their vehicles locked and their valuables out of their car.




None, due to absence of treasurer


Montgomery reported that the updated violations report will be out by the end of the week. 16 notices have been sent out, and 13 more are ready to go. The compliance date for new violations is April 30, 2024, and the next inspection will be done in May 2024.


Rossetti reported that the Association and Northington Meadows have retained Richard Case Esq. and HRP Associates to review the application for development of 135 Darling Drive. Deficiencies were noted in the information supplied to the IWC by AR Builders. Both Rossetti and Attorney Case will appear before the IWC on December 5, 2023 on behalf of Northington Meadows. Rossetti has scheduled a conference call with Attorney Case and HRP Associates to go over the preliminary report. This will be circulated to the Board and community.

He noted that concerns as to anything other than matters related to wetlands should be brought up with the Planning and Zoning committee, which has only reviewed this application, not approved it.


Rossetti requested that Weston facilitate uploading a list of Trusted Providers to the website’s bulletin board. Weston does not have credentials as yet, so Rossetti will ask Gena Hamilton to expedite obtaining these credentials. There needs to be a disclaimer as to Pond Place’s liability in the use of these providers.


Rossetti reported that the purchase of the 150 Darling Drive property and roadway parcel from Connecticut Water Company is nearing completion. The initial purchase price was $30,000, with Pond Place offering $15,000. They countered with $20,000, but are reviewing the HR Associates report on needed maintenance on the culvert bridge. The total cost of repairs is less than $5,000, and the height of the guardrails needs to be raised to meet state requirements. Rossetti hopes to finalize the deal before the end of 2023.


Rossetti asked for an update of the 3 Owl court property, which has been condemned for water damage and under fine for not completing staining since 2022. The condemnation notice has been removed, and people have been seeing entering the property. Montgomery has been unable to reach the owner and he suggested Pond Place could fix the pothole made by CT Water company at the water shutoff and then bill the owner. Rossetti wants contact to be made, and Montgomery will try again. We need to know if water has been restored to the property and whether CT Water has the responsibility to repair the damage done to the road.


Hessert-Blawie reported that the final version of the Building Guide has been circulated. A resident suggested that there be regulations concerning decorations of EUA’s. After discussion, it was decided this matter should not be included in the building guide, but could be addressed later in a Rule.


A correction was submitted to remove the Bold type in the Siding section, as the Town does not require a permit for siding. Hessert-Blawie moved we accept the correction and send the document to the website. She will make 215 hard copies of the corrected document for distribution to all owners, and a copy of the final document will be sent out via email to all owners. New owners will get an electronic copy and get the paper copy from the seller.  It will be accepted as the de facto document immediately, and the Board will formally approve it at the January meeting.


Rossetti reported that the Accounting Manual is not ready, but he hopes to have it ready for adoption at the January or February meeting.       


Montgomery reported that there have been requests for security cameras on the property. Discussion ensued as to the pros and cons of installing and maintaining them. The Board will take this up for discussion at a later timer.

Montgomery reported that the owner of 28 Grey Pine Common is selling his property and the prospective buyer wants to know if a garage can be added to the property. It was determined that the current owner would have to apply to the DRC, get a survey and have it approved by the Town of Avon before he could ensure that one could be built. The new owner could, after closing, make the appropriate requests themselves.

A resident would like an extension of the fall clean up due to so many leaves still on the trees. Rossetti said he would check with our landscaper to see if he would be agreeable to the extension.  



Judith Larkin, Secretary

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