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Message from the President of the Pond Place Association, Inc. 1-18-24

      Happy New Year 2024!

Building Guide Revisions

      As previously reported, members of the Boards and the Design Review Committee have been working to update, expand and improve the Pond Place Building Guide. All revisions and additions are now complete; the proposed new Guide was distributed to the membership last year; further comments and suggestions were received from the community and the Guide further updated. The Guide is posted in its current final form on our website. Members are encouraged to review it and if there are any further changes sought to bring them to my attention ASAP. It is the plan to re-disseminate the Guide to all members in early February and approve that version at the February 22, 2024 board meeting. Once the proposed final Guide is mailed out to the membership in early February no further changes will be accepted.

Acquisition of 150 Darling Drive & the Roadway Parcel

      Negotiations have been underway between Pond Place and the Connecticut Water Company for the purchase and sale of a 3.44 acre parcel of undeveloped land bordering on September Way from the Connecticut Water Company (“150 Darling Drive”). As you enter Pond Place this parcel is the wooded area on the left (south side) of the main road which is called Pond Place on which the row of Bradford Pears planted by the Association some years ago stands. The parcel is largely wetlands as Nod Brook flows through it. The main road from the Darling Drive turnaround all the way into Pond Place (the “Roadway Parcel”) also actually beneficially belongs to the Connecticut Water Company. This road allows them access to the 150 Darling Drive parcel. Pond Place currently has a right of way with maintenance obligations for the use of the Roadway Parcel. Funds for the acquisition were included in the FY 23-24 Association budget. Maps of the two parcels are attached to this message for your ready reference. The culvert bridge over Nod Brook has been inspected by our engineers, HRP Associates of Farmington, and deemed in good condition although the two catch basins on the bridge and their immediate support are in need of replacement. The agreed purchase price will be $15,000.00. The acquisition will secure the 150 Darling Drive parcel against future development, will add to our landscape buffer and give us more control over our entrance roadway. The full HRP Inspection Report is available on our website. If approved by the Board a closing on the purchase is expected to occur in February.


      Our attorney in connection with the purchase is David M. Barry, Jr.  of Jacobs, Walker, Rice & Barry, LLC of West Hartford who will be answering questions concerning the transaction at the January 25th Board meeting.

Proposed Redevelopment of 135 Darling Drive

      A.R. Building Company of Pennsylvania withdrew their application for the proposed redevelopment of 135 Darling Drive pending before the Inland Wetlands Commission on December 5, 2023. Members of the community may communicate their concerns about future redevelopments that may affect Pond Place to the Town Council. E-mail addresses for them are as follows:


Dan Polhumus    (D)  

Barbara Ausiello (D)  

Erin Barthel   (D)         

Anthony Weber (D)    

Margaret Bratton (R) 

Snow Season Rules Reminder

      The Pond Place Tax District contracts with JH Property Services of Newington to plow our roads. When a snow storm drops 4 inches of snow or more driveways and parking areas will also be plowed within 8 hours of the conclusion of the storm. Complaints or call backs should be made to Mike Montgomery or Lisa Sachen at White & Katzman. Their contact information is set forth at the end of this message. Please remember the crews are working throughout the day or night to keep the roads open and then must return to plow driveways. For environmental reasons (all of Pond Place drains into Stub Pond) we do not ordinarily sand or salt driveways or parking areas.

Board Meetings

      The next meetings of the Pond Place Tax District and Pond Place Association, Inc. Boards will be held on January 25, 2024 at 6:30 P.M via Zoom. All owners and residents may attend the meetings and are invited to make comments. Hyperlinks and instructions for participation will be posted on our website the day of the meeting. White & Katzman may also send hyperlinks to the Zoom meeting via electronic mail for those who have e-addresses on file.


      Residents or owners are welcome to contact me with issues, complaints, concerns or for guidance. Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy New Year.


      Christopher J. Rossetti

      (860) 678-0889

Management Contact Information:


Mr. Michael Montgomery
Managing Agent

P: 860.291.8777 x107


Ms. Lisa Sachen
Assistant Property Manager
P: 860.291.8777 x118


Ms. Carmen Rivera
Accounts Receivable
P: 860.291.8777 x112


      Trash & Recyclables pick-up: Paine’s picks up trash on Wednesdays weekly and recyclables on Wednesdays bi-weekly on their B-Week schedule with one day delays for certain specified holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving during 2024. The schedule is posted on Your barrels need to be on the curb by 6:00 AM on Wednesday mornings and should be returned to their sheds or garages before sunrise the day after. Should new residents or owners wish smaller or larger barrels than those inherited from the prior owner or tenant they should contact White & Katzman, not Paine’s. Likewise any requests for special pick-ups or complaints regarding non pick-ups should be routed through White & Katzman.


      Persons who have fallen into arrears on their obligations to the Pond Place Association or the Pond Place Tax District are reminded their delinquent amounts will be carrying a high rate of interest. It is in their best interest to get these arrearages paid off.


      Unpaid FY 21-22 dues and taxes are now DELINQUENT and are being turned over for collection.


      Unpaid FY 23-24 Dues to the Association are now DELINQUENT and may be turned over for collection.


      FY 23-24 Taxes to the Tax District are due in two installments, the first half (like town taxes) on July 1st, 2023 and the second half on January 1st, 2024. Taxes become delinquent if not paid by the 31st of the month in which they are due and will carry retroactive interest at 1 ½% per month (18% per annum) until paid; these unpaid taxes are now DELINQUENT and may be turned over for collection.


      Your land lease payment (if you have not already paid your lease off) is due in the amount of $50 on the 1st of every month. Those who are not delinquent may prepay an entire year in the amount of $519.11 and take advantage of a significant savings.


      Land Leases in arrears on July 1, 2022 will carry retroactive interest at 3% from the date of delinquency with respect to all delinquent payments from due date. Those more than 12 months delinquent will be referred to the Association’s attorneys for legal collection.


      Taxes in arrears are currently carrying a rate of 1.5% per month retroactive to the date of delinquencies. Those 75 days or more delinquent will be referred to the Tax District’s attorneys for legal collection.


      Delinquent Association obligations carry interest at the rate of 12% per annum from date of delinquency. Those more than 75 days delinquent will be referred to the Association’s attorneys for legal collection.

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