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Bobcat Sighting

Greetings Pond Place Association, 

Pond Place Residents be aware that a bobcat was sighted on the morning of November 18th, in the vicinity of Owl Court. Bobcats will prey on both cats and dogs. Please take appropriate precautions.


The best way to protect pets from bobcats is to never let companion animals, including cats, outside unsupervised, and to keep dogs on a leash 6 feet long or less while walking in public areas. Reduce food attractants around your home by keeping a tight lid on garbage cans, putting garbage out the morning of pickup and not the night before, feeding pets indoors, cleaning up around or removing bird feeders, removing bird baths, and not feeding wildlife. You may wish to trim shrubs and grasses near the home so that bobcats do not have a place to hide.


If you see a bobcat that you suspect is infected, contact animal control: Phone Number (860) 673-0297. For after hours assistance please call Dispatch at (860) 409-4200.


Bobcats can often be scared off by loud noises, yelling, clapping, etc…

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