Tax District Meeting Minutes|


Property Managers

Michael Montgomery

Lisa Sachen



Directors present

Christopher Rossetti, President

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President

Judith Larkin, Clerk

Austin Patenaude

Greg Weston

John Williams


Officers Absent

James Downey, Treasurer


Unit Owners

Ana Cruise

Susan Janson

Ann Costello

Ana Cruse

John Beck

Mark Holbrock

Cindy Capirchio



Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m.

Rossetti moved the minutes of September 29, 2023 be approved. The motion was seconded and Passed.

Unit Owner’s Comments


President’s Report


Manager’s Report


Treasurer’s Report

None, due to Treasurer’s absence.

Rossetti reported that all reserves have been consolidated at Charles Schwab, and that interest penalty information on the five recently closed CD’s will be on the October Statements

Old Business

No report has been received from the Capital Reserve Study.

Uzwack reported that he will be doing the Poison Ivy mitigation in the spring as the growing season has ended and treatment now is contraindicated.

New Business

Rossetti moved the Board approve the modified proposal by HRP Associates, Inc. to include a cost opinion to replace the existing cement wingwalls and elevate the existing railing system. The new total would be $4000.00. The motion was seconded and passed


Rossetti reported that he walked the pathways with our landscaper and noted areas of erosion after the recent heavy rains. Repairs could be done after the fall cleanup is completed. Rossetti moved we hire JH Associates to do the pathway repairs for $3195.00. The motion was seconded and passed.


Rossetti received a notice from the Town of Avon Inland Wetlands Commission as to a November 14th  virtual public hearing at 7:00 pm concerning a proposal by AR Building Co. to build 151 apartments at 135 Darling Drive, the current site of the Webb School in the Valley. As Northington Meadows is an abutting property, and thus has standing to object, all residents and owners of Pond Place properties may also speak at the hearing to voice their concerns. Discussion ensued as to engaging an attorney to represent us at the meeting and guide us through the process of possibly delaying the hearing so that we may hire our own experts. Uzwack suggested Richard Case, Esq., as he knows Pond Place and specializes in Real Estate law.  Uzwack will set up a meeting with Rossetti, Uzwack and Case ASAP. The Board gave Rossetti flexibility as to all retainers, and he will keep the Board informed. Rossetti indicated he will also be contacting our current attorney, Greg McCracken.


Rossetti received a complaint from the owner of 8 and 9 Arrowhead as to flooding of her yards due to drainage from 1 and 2 Clover Court. Over the years, the drainage swale from Clover Court has filled in, and the resulting runoff is causing problems with the foundation of #9’ Arrowhead’s garage.


Mike LaRosa of 2 Owl court is a former building inspector, and has volunteered to do an inventory/survey of the problems surface water drainage siters in Pond Place and prioritize their repair. LaRosa has the original engineering maps of Pond Place, and has proposed a solution to the 8-9 Arrowhead problem.


Rossetti will request Attorney McCracken to review our Declarations and issue an opinion as to what the Association’s obligations are as to surface water management.


Unit Owner’s Closing Comments

John Beck inquired as at to the status of the guard rail repairs. Rossetti has asked Montgomery to obtain a copy of the accident report from the Avon Police department, put the insurance company of the person responsible for the damage on notice, and put in a request to the maintenance division of W&K to repair the guard rail ASAP. The repairs will be paid for by the person causing the damage.


The November meeting will be held November 16th, and the Board will decide on a December meeting at that time.


Rossetti moved the Board go into Executive Session.


With no other business or comments,


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 P.M.

Judith Larkin, Clerk

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