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Tennis Court Update

At its September 28th meeting the Board voted to purchase a Dominator portable pickleball net and use the courts as striped. A reminder: Dogs are NOT permitted on the court nor is it to be used as a children’s play area. Guests, tenants, and owners found violating these rules will be subject to fines. The Rules for court use are posted at each entrance. Please observe them.

Roadway Safety Striping Scheduled

Restriping of our streets and repainting of our speed humps has been scheduled for October 12, 2023. Please exercise care when operating your vehicle during the restriping/repainting event.

Building Guide Revisions

In response to the invitation to further comment on proposed changes to the rules myself, other members of the Board and our Manager received numerous comments, many which appeared to be useful and worthy of incorporation. As such formal adoption will be postponed to permit helpful suggestions to be incorporated and then submitted to the Board for pre-approval before representation to the community. Thank you for your active participation in the updating and reformulation of the Building Guide.

Acquisition of 150 Darling Drive

Negotiations continue apace between Pond Place and the Connecticut Water Company for the purchase and sale of a 3.44 acre parcel of undeveloped land bordering on September Way from the Connecticut Water Company (“150 Darling Drive”). As you enter Pond Place this parcel is the wooded area on the left (south side) of the main road which is called Pond Place on which the row of Bradford Pears planted by the Association some years ago. The parcel is largely wetlands as Nod Brook flows through it. The main road from the Darling Drive turnaround all the way into Pond Place (the “Roadway Parcel”) also actually beneficially belongs to the Connecticut Water Company. This road allows them access to the 150 Darling Drive parcel. Pond Place currently has a right of way with maintenance obligations for the use of the Roadway Parcel. Funds for the acquisition were included in the FY 23-24 Association budget. Maps of the two parcels are attached to this message for your ready reference. I believe the ultimate purchase price will be around $15,000.00. The Board at its September 28th meeting voted to engage HRP Associates, a Farmington consulting engineering firm, to inspect the culvert bridge so its condition may be taken into consideration in the negotiations. The acquisition will secure the 150 Darling Drive parcel against future development, will add to our landscape buffer and give us more control over our entrance roadway.

Second Pond Place Day Approaches

The second Pond Place Day has been scheduled for Sunday October 29, 2023, again with a Halloween theme. A Committee of Five headed up by Judy Larkin is organizing this year’s festivities. These will include games for children, an adult and children’s costume contest, a pumpkin carving contest. Cornhole will be available. Candy will be distributed to the children. Cash prizes will be awarded. Cider, coffee and donuts will be served. This year the event will be from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. There is no rain date. Volunteers are wanted and may contact Judy at 860-803-6673. Please try to attend, meet other members of the community and have some fun.

FY 2021-22 Audit

Our long time auditors, King & King, CPAs of Winsted and Simsbury, have completed their audit of both the Tax District and the Association for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022 and the audits for the FY ending June 30, 2023 are underway. The audit for the FY ending 6/30/22 and earlier are available on the Pond Place website.

Stubb Pond Matters

Trimming of brush around the dam and the cutting back of phragmites near the dock has been were completed in September. Thee fourth and final seasonal treatment of Stubb Pond with DEEP approved algaecides and herbicides by Life, Inc. was completed in August and the pond is well.

Board Meetings

The next meetings of the Pond Place Tax District and Pond Place Association, Inc. Boards will be held on October 26th at 6:30 P.M via Zoom. All owners and residents may attend the meetings and are invited to make comments. Hyperlinks and instructions for participation will be posted on our website the day of the meeting. White & Katzman may also send hyperlinks to the Zoom meeting via electronic mail for those who have e-addresses on file.


The Board of Northington Meadow, Inc., which holds title to the Stub Pond parcel, and which is composed entirely now of the members of the Pond Place Association, Inc. Board of Governors, will be holding public meetings transacting Stub Pond business and reporting to the community during the regular Pond Place Association, Inc. meetings to provide more openness and inclusion.

Inspections & Enforcement

White & Katzman will be inspecting in October to verify compliance with outstanding maintenance orders and identifying new maintenance issues. Please do your part to help keep the community in good repair and attractive. this summer and will be in violation of Pond Place maintenance standards if not immediately As a reminder white & off whites for aesthetic reasons are prohibited for any exterior purpose whatsoever. Homeowners in violation of this rule were expected to bring their properties into compliance by October 1, 2023. If you received written permission from CM Property Management for a white or off white color application or for installation of a white fixture, the Board may, depending on the circumstances, delay or defer enforcement. If you purchased your house during the last few years and when you purchased it something on it was white, and it was not noted as a violation or discrepancy on your Resale Certificate, the Board may, depending on the circumstances, delay or defer enforcement. All others will be expected to re-stain their white or off white trim, garage doors and doors with a DRC approved color. White windows, weatherstripping, drip edge, molding, garage weatherstripping will need either to be spray painted black or brown or be replaced. This is a final warning that the Board intends to enforce this rule.

Land Maintenance Rule

Homeowners are reminded that the Pond Place Declaration provides in Article VI Section 1 C of the Declaration: “Dwellings and the Land shall be kept in a neat attractive manner and kept in good repair.” Land refers to Exclusive Use Areas including those which encroach on buffer areas. The Board with one abstention codified this passage as a rule on October 25, 2021 and it will be enforced. Homeowners are expected to keep their lawns mowed, weeds in check and their properties in good order. Owners who have tenants should understand that delegating these maintenance obligations to tenants will not excuse compliance or remission of fines in the event of non-compliance by tenants.

Service Line Maintenance Responsibility

In 2022 the Board requested guidance from then Association attorney, Jeffrey McChristian, on maintenance and repair responsibility for water, sewer and gas pipes outside of a dwelling unit or other structure. His written opinion of counsel is posted elsewhere on the Pond Place website. I will summarize it as follows: Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of water and sewer pipes that exclusively serve their dwelling unit. The Pond Place Association, Inc. and Tax District are responsible for those which serve multiple dwellings. CNG currently retains full responsibility for gas pipes that extend from the foundation of dwellings outward. Homeowners are urged to obtain an indorsement to their HO3 or HO5 homeowner’s insurance policy for “service line coverage”. Most insurance companies offer this endorsement for a small additional annual premium. Outside pipe breaks or ruptures can be very expensive to repair. Do yourself a favor and acquire such a rider or endorsement. The Board has been unable to obtain coverage for all exterior service line pipes in Pond Place but will continue to endeavor to do so.

Prohibition on Feeding of Roaming & Feral Animals

The Board enacted a new rule on September 27, 2021 prohibiting the leaving outside of food for feral and roaming animals as follows: “For purposes of health and safety, no member of the Association, members of his or her household, his or her tenants or residents of the Tax District shall leave any food outside the confines of a dwelling unit or in an open garage or shed which may attract or be consumed by bears, coyotes, coydogs, bobcats, skunks, possums, raccoons, roaming dogs or roaming cats. Violations shall be punishable by fine.”

Speed Limit

Kindly respect the 20 MPH speed limit on all Pond Place roads for everyone’s safety, including pets.

Trash Barrels

There has been improving compliance with our trash and recycling barrel rules. Residents are reminded that trash and recyclable barrels must be kept in the garages or sheds except on the night before (currently Tuesday nights) or the day of (currently Wednesdays) pickup. Those who do not have garages or sheds are expected to place their barrels out of public view. It is not acceptable for those with garages or sheds to store their barrels outside. Please comply and help to keep the community sightly. Except for a handful of residents, the community is in compliance with these rules. Habitual violators will be subject to fines for non compliance.


Those members who opted out in writing last year from community wide trash and recyclables service through Paine’s will be treated automatically as continuing their opt out without further action on their part. Members who purchased after 6/30/2021 or previously failed to opt out are NOT eligible to opt out in the future. Those who wish to receive service should contact Mike Montgomery or Lauren Pizzoferrato at White & Katzman, not Paine’s.

Design Review Committee

Owners and residents are cautioned that virtually any change to the exterior of a dwelling, garage or shed, including re-staining, requires written prior approval of the Design Review Committee. The Exterior Modification application form is available at .Those who have applications pending are advised that the committee has been reviewing and voting on applications electronically to expedite processing. Association members are urged to read the Pond Place Building Guide carefully to assure that they have submitted all necessary information and documentation required. It has been my experience many do not do so which will cause delays in approval. Insurance documentation is only needed if the Committee so requires after their review of the application. Color approvals now require submission of swatches. Most modifications of the exterior of your dwelling, garage or shed require prior approval of the Design Review Committee. You act at your peril if you  execute an exterior modification without prior approval. Applications and correspondence should be sent to White & Katzman by uploading through the PILERA platform or by e-mail or snail mail to the attention of our manager, Michael Montgomery.


Residents or owners are welcome to contact me with issues, complaints, concerns or for guidance. Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy Spring.


Christopher J. Rossetti

(860) 678-0889


Management Contact Information:


Mr. Michael Montgomery
Managing Agent

P: 860.291.8777 x107


Ms. Lisa Sachen
Assistant Property Manager
P: 860.291.8777 x118


Ms. Cheyna Fortson
Accounts Receivable
P: 860.291.8777 x128


Trash & Recyclables pick-up: Paine’s picks up trash on Wednesdays weekly and recyclables on Wednesdays bi-weekly on their B-Week schedule with one day delays for certain specified holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving during 2023. The schedule is posted on Your barrels need to be on the curb by 6:00 AM on Wednesday mornings and should be returned to their sheds or garages before sunrise the day after. Should new residents or owners wish smaller or larger barrels than those inherited from the prior owner or tenant they should contact White & Katzman, not Paine’s. Likewise any requests for special pick-ups or complaints regarding non pick-ups should be routed through White & Katzman.


Persons who have fallen into arrears on their obligations to the Pond Place Association or the Pond Place Tax District are reminded their delinquent amounts will be carrying a high rate of interest. It is in their best interest to get these arrearages paid off.


Unpaid FY 21-22 dues and taxes are now DELINQUENT and are being turned over for collection.


Unpaid FY 22-23 Dues to the Association are now DELINQUENT and are being turned over for collection.


FY 23-24 Taxes to the Tax District are due in two installments, the first half (like town taxes) on July 1st, 2023 and the second half on January 1st, 2024. Taxes become delinquent if not paid by the 31st of the month in which they are due and will carry retroactive interest at 1 ½% per month (18% per annum) until paid; these unpaid taxes are now DELINQUENT and are being turned over for collection.


Your land lease payment (if you have not already paid your lease off) is due in the amount of $50 on the 1st of every month. Those who are not delinquent may prepay an entire year in the amount of $519.11 and take advantage of a significant savings.


Land Leases in arrears on July 1, 2022 will carry retroactive interest at 3% from the date of delinquency with respect to all delinquent payments from due date. Those more than 12 months delinquent will be referred to the Association’s attorneys for legal collection.


Taxes in arrears are currently carrying a rate of 1.5% per month retroactive to the date of delinquencies. Those 75 days or more delinquent will be referred to the Tax District’s attorneys for legal collection.


Delinquent Association obligations carry interest at the rate of 12% per annum from date of delinquency. Those more than 75 days delinquent will be referred to the Association’s attorneys for legal collection.

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