Tax District Meeting Minutes|


Property Managers

Michael Montgomery

Absent-Lauren Pizzoferrato


Directors Present

Christopher Rosetti, President

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President

Katia Salokas, Treasurer

Judith Larkin, Clerk

Greg Weston

John Williams



Austin Pastenaude



Christopher King, CPA. Report of Audit of FY 2021-22


Unit Owners

John Beck

Teresa Campbell

  1. Darlington

Deb Delcorro

Perry Hassen

Mark Holbrook

Ian Tullock


Meeting called to order at 8:31 PM


Minutes of July 27, 2023 approved as revised.

Guest speaker: Christopher King, Auditor

Christopher King, CPA, presented his audit report, stating it was a challenge to prepare due to the necessity of collecting information from two management companies. He covered the fiscal highlights and said there were fewer errors in bookkeeping than in the past. There were fewer significant deficiencies than cited in last year’s audit report. He recommended we prepare a Manual delineating our standard accounting procedures.


Rossetti reported that Salokas had downloaded a generic version of such a manual, and he and Salokas edited it to conform to Pond Place’s current practices. Jim Downey, CPA and the staffs at W&K and King and King will need to review this document for further comments. Rossetti will ask M. Guidice to prepare a finalized draft of this document and have it ready for Board approval in December.


All records should be digitized and uploaded routinely to the Cloud. Montgomery will research what electronic documents would be readily available from W&K.   

President’s Report


Manager’s Report


Treasurer’s Report


Old Business

W&K Maintenance Projects are still not completed, and some requests are more than a year old. Montgomery will speak to the head of maintenance, and Adam White, Owner, in an effort to get projects completed by October’s Pond Place Day.


Uzwack presented a proposal to mitigate the growth of Poison Ivy at the entrance of Pond Place and the walking path using a mixture of salt, vinegar and dish soap, which is what the State of Connecticut uses in their parks. After discussion, it was decided to do the walking paths only. Rossetti moved to pay Uzwack $200 plus supplies to do the treatments. Motion seconded and passed.


Rossetti moved we go with either Atlantic Pavement Marking or All Line Striping, Inc. for marking the roads and speed tables, pending receipt of quotes. Motion seconded and passed.

New Business

Salokas is resigning as Treasurer of the Tax District, but wishes to continue as Treasurer of the Association and continue as a member of both Boards. Rossetti moved  to accept her resignation and appoint Jim Downey to succeed her as Treasurer of the Tax District. Motion seconded and passed.


Rossetti moved to have Jim Downey open and organize the Charles Schwab account. Motion seconded and passed.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Judith Larkin, Clerk

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