Association Meeting Minutes|

Roll Call

Property Managers

Lauren Pizzoferrato, Assistant Manager


Michael Montgomery, Manager


Members Present

Christopher Rossetti, President, Governor

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President, Governor

Judith Larkin, Secretary, Governor

Lois Hessert-Blawie, Governor

Susan Jansen, Governor

John Williams, Governor


Katia Salokas,Treasurer,Governor


Unit Owners Present

Cary Henderson

Ann Costello

Jim Downie

Claire Henderson

Max Panella, son of Owner Maureen O’Brien

Terry Spalla

Meeting called to order

Meeting called to order at 6:37 pm.


Minutes of the June 22, 2023 meeting were approved as corrected.


Max Panella of 23 Gray Pine Common was present to respond to the citation for inoperable vehicles on property. He reported that the car is now operable, and the truck will be operable by August 1st. Fines of $10/day will be imposed commencing August 1st if this does not occur.

Resident/Home owner Questions and Comments

Cary Henderson of 1 Finch Run discussed his proposal for installation of casement windows on the South side of his house. The DRC will issue an advisory report and a decision will be made by the Board.


Terry Spalla of 4 Highland Drive would like the Building Guide to be amended to read “vinyl siding is not allowed at this time”, to allow for future technology and product changes that may make it attractive for our community. Rossetti agreed this could be done.

Presentation by Gregory McCrackin,Esq.

Mr. McCrackin spoke about the benefits of updating the Declaration and By Laws of Pond Place. This has not been done since they were written in 1977. At the time they were written, Pond Place was called a PUD, and could form its own laws. Purchasers were initially subject to a 50 year Land Lease held by the developer. Purchasers only owned the structures and improvements placed on their exclusive use areas, but not the land until the lease period expired or they prepaid their land lease.  In 1984 the Common Interest Ownership Act was passed by the Connecticut legislature. All new construction became subject to this Act, and the developments were called Condominiums. When all our land leases are paid off, we will automatically  become a Condominium community, and will need to comply with the statute. The updating is a long process and when done, will need the approval of 75% of owners and Mortgage/Lenders. A draft of the new documents needs to be prepared, circulated and approved by the Board, then by the Members and mortgage holders. This means doing a Title search of all 210 properties. Rossetti asked if we could increase fines and apply a leasing cap in the new documents, and the answer was affirmative. In the meantime, Pond Place can write a Rule with leasing restrictions although it is unclear if it could be successfully enforced. Once Pond Place becomes a condominium it will be subject to both its existing Declaration and Bylaws and the Common Interest Ownership Act.


As requested, Mr. McCrackin went on to address a Standard Operating Procedure instrument with regard to the website. Usually, common interest websites are managed by the professional Property Managers. As we wish to manage the website ourselves, the Board (or a committee of the Board) needs to decide what they would like for the operating procedures, and then formulate and pass a Resolution implementing same. Mr.McCrackin is available to help with drafting if needed once the division or responsibility and access is agreed upon

President’s Report

The contract for the purchase of the Connecticut Water Company land is being redrafted with changes requested by Rossetti and thereafter will be presented to the attorney for the company. 

Rossetti  wants the website group (Gina Hamilton, Williams,Uzwack and Weston) to meet and determine how they would like to divide responsibility and authorize changes or edits to the website. Rossetti volunteered to help draft a resolution implementing the desired arrangements. Weston agreed to draft a sample SOP document, circulate it and facilitate a meeting among the website group.

Manager’s Report

Violation letters from the spring 2023 inspection have now been sent out, with an October 1st, 2023 deadline for corrections of all new violations.  

Design Review Committee

DRC would like Board input on the installation of new windows on a blank side of #1 Finch Run. Rossetti encouraged all Governors to inspect the property and communicate their views so that a decision can be reached.

The DRC also needs clarification as to whether the color black is allowed for new exterior lights.

Building Guide

A final version, edited and formatted by Marjorie Guidice of Raven Court, has been emailed to the Board. It will be up for discussion and approval by the Board at the August meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

The financial reports have been emailed to Board Members. There was no discussion due to the absence of the Treasurer.

Northington Meadows

Rossetti has been monitoring the water level in the pond, and the dam has not been overtopped during  the recent rains. The 3rd treatment for weed control in the pond will be done on August 2nd. Rossetti, Uzwack and Jim Downey, Treasurer for Northington Meadows, will meet and open a new account at the Avon branch of Bank of America.

Rossetti has approached W&K Management as to having them do the bookkeeping for Northington, and is negotiating the cost.


Williams reported that he has been posting updates. Weston will reach out to Williams and Uzwack to collaborate on writing a SOP for the site.

Old Business


New Business

Discussion on Cloud based records retention was deferred until a written proposal is received from Salokas.

Rossetti reported on the cost of refurbishing the Tennis Court. Hinding Tennis Courts of 24 Spring St, West Haven has submitted a proposal for $25,626 for refurbishing and restriping the court. Striping for Pickleball would cost an additional $850. Rossetti moved that the Board authorize engaging Hinding so the work could be scheduled. The decision to add Pickleball striping would be made at the August meeting. The motion was seconded and passed.  

The results of the Survey Monkey for use of the courts to play Pickleball  was reported.  There were 78 respondents (37% of owners), and of those respondents, 62 agreed to allowing Pickleball, while 16 were opposed. 46 (22% of owners) said they would use the court for pickleball,  while 32 of the 78 (41%) said they would not use the court for pickleball.

 Rossetti circulated draft rules for court usage, and requested the Board review and comment on them so they could be revised and presented for approval at the August meeting.   

Rossetti reported that Susan Franke, Secretary, has resigned, and moved that Judith Larkin be appointed to finish her unexpired term as Secretary and Governor. The motion was seconded and passed.

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting Adjourned at 8:22pm.

Judith Larkin, Secretary

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