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Pond Place Tax District Meeting Minutes Virtual Directors Meeting at 6:30 p.m. June 22, 2023

Property Managers

Michael Montgomery, Manager

Lauren Pizzoferrato, Assistant Manager

Absent: Lauren Pizzoferrato



Christopher Rossetti, President, Director

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President, Director

Katia Salokas, Treasurer, Director

Susan Franke, Clerk, Director

Judith Larkin, Director

Austin Pastenaude, Director

Greg Weston, Director

John Williams, Director


Absent: Austin Pastenaude

             Susan Franke



Judith Larkin


Unit Owners

Dana Gilbert

Carol Shaw


Meeting called to order at 8:20 PM


Minutes of the May 25, 2023 meeting were approved as submitted.

President’s Report


Manager’s Report


Treasurer’s Report

Report was sent via email to members. No discussion.

Old Business

After discussion, the following proposal for the placement of trees on Common Property was made:

2 White Firs on Pond Place, one behind Keystone between Finch Run and Edgewood, and one behind      Keystone closer to Edgewood

1 White Fir on Finch Run’s center island

1 Pin Oak on grassy area by the pond path near the entrance to Pond Place

1 Bald Cypress on grassy area near pond behind Owl

1 Arborvitae near Rte. 44 gate

 Rossetti moved that the proposal from W&K management was not to exceed $5010 for procuring and installing 3 White Firs, 1 Pin Oak, 1 Bald Cypress, and 1 Arborvitae. The motion was passed by unanimous vote.

New Business

Montgomery received a quote for street pavement striping.  Rossetti asked that Montgomery get a quote

From :  Atlantic Pavement Marking, Inc.

              15 Industrial Road

               Preston, CT 06702


Uzwak will walk with Rossetti to identify areas that are in need of Poison Ivy mitigation. Uzwack will present a proposal to spray these areas with a mixture of soap, salt and vinegar, and will do the work himself.


Rossetti  has approached Charles Schwab to make a presentation of their services for investments. As our current investment manager is a one person company, there have been problems with timely accessibility, and Charles Schwab would be available 24/7.  A representative will attend the July meeting.


Rossetti reported that he is looking for a second proposal for the repair of the Owl Court pathway.


Meeting adjourned at 8:48 PM.

Judith Larkin, Recorder

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