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Pond Place Association Inc. Meeting Minutes – June 22, 2023


Christopher Rossetti, President, Governor

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President, Governor

Katia Salokas, Treasurer, Governor

Susan Franke, Secretary, Governor

Lois Hessert-Blawie, Governor

Susan Jansen, Governor

John Williams, Governor


Property Managers

Michael Montgomery, Manager

Lauren Pizzoferrato, Assistant Manager



Lauren Pizzoferrato

Susan Franke



Judith Larkin


Unit Owners

Jim Downie

Stephen Feinstien, spouse and representative of owner Bonnie Feinstein

Dana Gilbert

Carol Shaw


Meeting called to order at 6:31 p.m.


7 Clover – Mr. Feinstein asked for an extension to complete required painting of garage door and remake of shed.  He was granted an extension to July 31st for painting, and to August 31st to complete building of shed. Fines will accrue at $10/day effective 6/1/23 and if in compliance by these dates, fines will be remitted.


3 Owl Court – Owner not present

Unit has been condemned by the Town of Avon, and repairs are not proceeding promptly.

Rossetti moved that a fine of $10.00/day will accrue starting July 1, 2023, until repairs are completed.

Motion seconded and unanimously passed.


6 Dove – Eric Secor, not present

Staining has not been completed, and owner has been notified that a fine of $10.00/day has been accruing since January 1, 2023. Per Montgomery, Mr. Seacourt receives a monthly bill showing the accruing fines.

Resident/Home owner Questions and Comments


Minutes of the May 25, 2025 meeting approved with corrections

President’s Report

Rossetti reported that our attorneys are working on the purchase of the Connecticut Water Company property and have not reached an agreement on a price or contract. 

Manager’s Report & Design Review Committee Report


Building Guide Update

The guide is in the final stages, and the plan is to present it for a vote in July

Treasurer’s Report

The financial statements were sent out to the Members on June 22nd.

As there is no report on collections, Uzwack suggested adding a standard update be added to the monthly agenda under the Manager’s Report.

Northington Meadows

Rossetti introduced Jim Downey, of 3 Pond Circle, as a candidate for Treasurer of Northington Meadows, Inc.  Mr. Downey gave a brief bio of himself, and of his background as a Corporate CPA. The duties of Treasurer include opening a new account with the check in Rossett’s possession, paying bills, preparing financial reports and filing State reports, as well as giving the Board a monthly report.


Rossetti moved that the Board appoint Mr. Downey for an indeterminate term as Treasurer of Northington Meadows, and authorize him to open an account at a bank of his choice or at TD Bank, where we already have accounts. He will deposit the check for $9,280.87, and Rossetti and Uzwack will be co-signatories.


The motion was seconded and passed.

Pond Place Website Report

Greg Weston, Governor, has had 25 years of experience working on websites, and he is volunteering to help John Williams, Governor, to administer/edit the website. Currently Williams and designer Gina  Hamilton have the credentials to do this, and Weston would like to obtain his own credentials. Rossetti moved that Weston be authorized to obtain credentials to administer and/or edit the website.


After discussion as to the need for having a Standard Operating Procedure in place, the motion was withdrawn. Rossetti will check with our attorneys to see if such a standard document exists. Weston will meet with Uzwack and Williams before our next meeting.

Old Business

Some residents have opposed the painting of Pickle ball lines on the tennis courts due to the possible negative noise level. Rossetti will draft and propose Rules for play on the court and schedule a public comment event.

New Business

Rossetti reported that the 23-24 budget calls for an annual fee of $475, a $50 increase. $26,500.00 has been budgeted for the purchase of the Darling Drive parcel, and we have received the Comcast check for $26,250, which will offset the purchase price.

Rossetti moved we adopt the budget as proposed. The motion passed, with Jansen and Williams opposed.


Rossetti will reach out to the architect that drew up the plans for unit roof projections and explore having designs drawn for trash enclosures and updated sheds.


Montgomery reported that violation letters from conditions noted in the spring inspection have not yet gone out, but will be sent out before the July meeting. Montgomery agreed that the date specified for completion of corrections for all such violations will be not later than September 21, 2023. Rossetti is to be copied with all the violation notices and correspondence pertaining to violations and enforcement.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 p.m. Judith Larkin, Recorder

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