Tax District Meeting Minutes|

May 25, 2023 Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 7:30 PM


Christopher Rossetti, President

John Williams, Director

Judy Larkin, Director

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President

Katia Salokas, Director & Treasurer

Susan Franke, Clerk

Greg, Weston, Director



Austin Patenaude, Director

Unit Owners

Sue Jansen

Paula Darlington

Property Managers

Michael Montgomery


Meeting called to order at 8:03 PM

Meeting Minutes of April 2023 approved as submitted. 

President’s Report

Nothing to report


Manager’s Report

TruGreen confirmed the treatment of Pond Place, but at least two units were not treated (6 Pond Place and 1 Clover Court).  They will come back and treat upon request.  Please send Mike an email if your unit was not treated.


Walmart path – Montgomery reported email and phone calls have been made and no response has been received.  Rossetti directed the manager to reach out to the town planner and acquaint him of the problem and request guidance.


Treasurer’s Report

Katia Salokas moved to move $150,000 from checking to the capital reserve account at LPL to be invested in CDs.  Christopher Rossetti seconded.  Passed unanimously.


Old Business



New Business

Dead Tree project – Rossetti circulated a proposal he solicited from McLellan Tree Service to remove dead trees and to trim overhanging branches from around the tennis court for $4,350.00. Rossetti moved for its approval. Judy Larkin seconded it. Approved.


New Tree Plantings – Rossetti had circulated a proposal by JH Property Services to plant 7 trees and remove one dead tree from 5 different locations around Pond Place. Discussion ensued and it was decided to defer action on the request so Rossetti can put stakes in the locations where trees would be planted for board members to better understand the proposed locations.


Rossetti circulated a proposal he requested from & Katzman’s Property Services division to do certain fixture maintenance work in Pond Place. Discussion ensued. Uzwack objected to erecting a bench at the old school bus stop on the grounds it would be likely damaged by plows. Larkin objected to painting the planting bed retaining walls grey, preferring brown. Rossetti moved to approve the proposal with the exception of deleting the proposed bench construction and changing the painting color of the two front entry way planting beds to brown.  Mitch Uzwack seconded.  Motion approved unanimously.


Future Meetings

The 2023 meetings being held @ 7:30 PM by Zoom on the 4th Thursday of the month, except for November when due to Thanksgiving it will be on the 5th Thursday of the month.

Here are the dates for 2023 as agreed to by post meeting electronic consensus.


6/22/23, 7/27/23, 8/24/23, 9/28/23, 10/26/23, 11/30/23


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Respectfully submitted by Susan Franke, Clerk

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