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The Board of Governors of the Pond Place Association, Inc. is reminding all homeowners that for aesthetic reasons white pipes, white doors, white windows, white trim, white garage doors, white drip edge, white weatherstripping, white molding, white light and white security camera fixtures are NOT permitted in Pond Place.

White or off-white trim and siding colors will NOT be approved by the Design Review Committee.

White & Katzman will be noting properties which are in non-conformity with this rule during their Spring 2023 inspections and homeowners will be expected to come into compliance by the Fall 2023 deadlines or face fines.

By way of history, white was never a permitted color for weatherstripping, pipes, drip edge, screens, windows, doors, etc. During the period CM Property Management was managing the community enforcement of the Building Guide and oversight of the exterior appearance of structures and exclusive use areas was at times overlooked and inconsistent. Several homeowners applied off white colors to their structures without permission.

Several homeowners without seeking approval from the DRC, installed white fixtures or piping.

If you received written permission from CM Property Management for a white or off-white color application or for installation of a white fixture, depending on the circumstances, upon written request the Board may delay or defer enforcement.

If you purchased your house during the last few years and when you purchased it something on it was white, and it was not noted as a violation or discrepancy on your Resale Certificate, depending on the circumstances upon written request the Board may delay or defer enforcement.

All others will be expected to re-stain their white or off-white trim, garage doors and doors with a DRC approved color. White windows, weatherstripping, drip edge, molding, garage weatherstripping will need either to be spray painted black or brown or be replaced.

Pond Place Board of Governors

March 1, 2023

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