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Roll Call

Christopher Rossetti, President, Governor

John Williams, Governor

Sue Jansen, Governor

Susan Franke, Secretary, Governor

Katia Salokas, Governor, Treasurer

Mitch Uzwack, Vice-President, Governor



Austin Patenaude, Governor


Unit Owners

Judy Larkin

Ann Costello

Lois Hessert-Blawie

Jon Beck

Paula Darlington

Gena Hamilton

Roz Zera


Steve and Bonnie Feinstein

Carol Shaw

Ji-yong Sung

Amie St. Thomas

Jeff Carey


Property Managers

Lauren Pizzoferrato

Michael Montgomery

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM

Meeting Minutes of January 2023 approved.


7 Clover Court (Steve and Bonnie Feinstein) – Violation letter stated homeowner has until 5/31/23 to make repairs.  Woodpecker hole is resolved, screens have been removed, and a new shed will be built with the correct/approved plans by the deadline.  Garage door and front door has white trim.  Paint color request was submitted and denied.  Lauren will follow up with the color request.


13 Edgewood (Roz Zera) – Her insurance company ordered her to trim branches overhanging structure or possibly lose coverage. A letter documenting this was submitted.  $750 penalty is a financial hardship to Roz.  Request to have fine reduced to $250.  Christopher Rossetti moved to have fine reduced to $250 if $250.00 is received by W&K by 3/15/2023, Sue Jansen seconded.  Motion passed. 


13 Finch Run – not present. Christopher asked gas meter cabinet is mandatory.  Mitch Uzwack confirmed it is not mandatory.  Unit owner should remove the rotting meter box.  Christopher Rossetti moved to fine owner $10 per day, starting 3/25/23 if cabinet is not removed.  Susan Franke seconded.  Motion passed.


1 Owl Court (Paula Darlington) – white screen door is non-conforming, but it was not noted as a violation in her 12/1/22 resale certificate.  Christopher Rossetti would like a quote from W&K to install a conforming storm door.  Board agrees with this approach.

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments (Limited to 20 minutes)

Clarification to unit owners – do not need to attend the meeting if you have corrected your violation.

President’s Report


Connecticut Water

On 1/30/23 in accordance with the vote of the Board to hire attorneys Greg McCrackin and Dave Barry of Jacobs, Walker, Rice and Barry on 1/30/23 I executed and delivered the engagement instruments to them.


On 2/2/23 I met with Jessica Demar at the Connecticut Water Company satellite office in Middletown and reviewed their three files on the Roadway and 150 Darling Drive parcels.


On 2/6/23 I directed Feldman, Perlstein & Greene and Ford & Paulekas to release all Pond Place files to Jacobs, Walker, Rice & Barry and thanked Jeff McChristian and managing partner Matthew Youmans for their assistance to Pond Place.


On 2/6/23 I corresponded with Dave Barry and remitted all deeds, documents, maps, etc. in my possession that might be of assistance to them in evaluating the possible purchase of 150 Darling Drive and the Roadway Parcel from Connecticut Water Company.


Dave Barry reports that he has ordered and expects to receive title searches on the two parcels this coming 2/28/23.



On 1/27/23 and on 2/12/23 told our managers by e-mail that I wanted all those who have failed to comply with maintenance orders issued by White & Katzman arising out of their April 2022 inspection to be notified to appear before our February 23, 2023 meeting to show cause why fines should not be imposed on them for non-compliance.



On 2/1/23 I forwarded to Gena Hamilton draft Disclaimer language for the Trusted Vendors section of the website:


“A Pond Place owner or resident(s) has used the vendor(s) identified on this site and found that vendor to have satisfactorily completed its engagement to that resident.

Those marked as such have provided goods or services to the Pond Place Association, Inc. and have satisfactorily completed their engagement to the Association or related entities.


The Board of Governors of the Pond Place Association, Inc. does not recommend any vendor on this list and takes no responsibility for that vendor’s workmanship, reliability, promptness, competence, diligence or honesty. This information is provided as a courtesy only. Pond Place owners or residents who have had an unsatisfactory experience with any vendor on this list are encouraged to notify the Webmaster at                                          . Thank you.”


Resale Certificates


As multiple instances of extent violations and violations being overlooked upon issuance of Resale Certificates as well as erroneous information contained on the 1 Owl Court certificate issued on 12/1/23 I sent a lengthy e-mail to Michael Katzman on 2/7/23 identifying the issues and requesting that he implement changes to W&K’s issuance protocols so our managers have time to inspect units for compliance BEFORE issuance and so some misinformation and confusing entries could be corrected. He agreed to do so.

Manager’s Report


Design Review Committee

Old property management company is on the DRC application and needs to be updated.  Michael Montgomery confirmed that a welcome letter is sent to new owners.


Report Treasurer’s Report

Report sent to the board, and there were no questions.


Northington Meadow, Inc. Report

Christopher Rossetti reported In accordance with the 1/12/23 vote of the Board (6 in favor, one abstention), on 1/30/23 he executed and forwarded the 2023 pond treatment contract to Mark Roland at Life-Lakes, Inc.; thanked Nick McMahon for his past service, requested he release the existing permit and requested Treasurer Susan Jansen send Mark Roland @ Life, Inc.  the required $400 deposit check.

He reported that Judy Larkin volunteered to hand deliver notices of scheduled pond treatments to those homeowners in Pond Place who have failed to register e-mail addresses with White & Katzman.


Pond Place Web Site Progress Report

NewTek issues continue.  Gena Hamilton requested the board approve a new hosting company and registrar.  Gena Hamilton committed to moving the site by 3/10/23, assuming Gena can get NewTek to restore the test site.  John Williams to send Gena the username and password.  Gena will provide username and password to the committee and train some of us.

Old Business – None


New Business – None


Future Meetings.

The 2023 meetings being held @ 6:30 PM by Zoom on the 4th Thursday of the month, except for November when due to Thanksgiving it will be on the 5th Thursday of the month.


Here are the dates for 2023 as agreed to by post meeting electronic consensus.

3/23/23, 4/28/23, 5/25/23, 6/22/23, 7/27/23, 8/24/23, 9/28/23, 10/26/23, 11/30/23


Meeting adjourned at 7:46 PM


Respectfully submitted by Susan Franke, Secretary

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