Tax District Meeting Minutes|


Christopher Rossetti, President

John Williams, Director

Judy Larkin, Director

Susan Franke, Clerk

Greg Weston, Director

Mitch Uzwack, Vice President

Katia Salokas, Director & Treasurer



Unit Owners

Ann Costello

Lois Hessert-Blawie

Jon Beck

Sue Jansen

Property Managers

Lauren Pizzoferrato

Meeting called to order

Meeting called to order at 8:26 PM


Meeting Minutes of November 2022 approved.  Judy Larkin requested that Susan Franke put the corrections into the minutes.

President’s Report

Judy Larkin at my request purchased and mounted a tasteful holiday wreath on the Pond Place entry sign and removed it earlier this month.


The section of guard rail damaged on 11/11/22 was repaired and replaced by White & Katzman. As requested, they removed all unusable wood and debris from the prior guard rail repair job aside the Tennis Court shed where CM had dumped it. 


Avon Heritage completed the repair and elevation of the walking path between Clover and Dove on 11/29/22 and the repair and rebuilding of the retaining wall along the jogging path behind 5-6 Highland Square on 12-8-22.


Four trees which were Association/Tax District responsibility fell as a result of the 12-22-23-2022 wind storm: one on the 1-3 Pond Place parking area, 2 from the Greenway onto 6 Keystone and one on one of the planting beds on the south side of Pond Place just before the entry way sign. None were emergencies and as it was the Christmas weekend, they were removed at my request satisfactorily by JH on 12/26/22.


At my request JH Property Services backfilled the new sections of curbing along the main road between Laurel Lane and Raven Circle and next to the mailboxes on Finch. Grass will be planted in those locations in the spring.


All seriously delinquent Tax District accounts were being sent 7 day letters from White & Katzman today. Those accounts which remain unpaid will be referred to Rosenberg & Rosenberg for collection in mid-February.

Manager’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

No questions

Old Business

New Business

Stub Pond treatment proposal adjournment. 

Future Meetings

The 2023 meetings being held @ 7:30 PM by Zoom on the 4th Thursday of the month, except for November when due to Thanksgiving it will be on the 5th Thursday of the month.

Here are the dates for 2023 as agreed to by post meeting electronic consensus.


2/23/23, 3/23/23, 4/28/23, 5/25/23, 6/22/23, 7/27/23, 8/24/23, 9/28/23, 10/26/23, 11/30/23


Meeting adjourned at 8:29 PM

Respectfully submitted by Susan Franke, Clerk

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