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Pond Place is a 210 dwelling Planned Unit Development (PUD) constructed in 1978-1979 on 70+ acres of what was a forest. It abuts other open space and Stub Pond, an impoundment of Nod Brook. Each dwelling is sited on its own irregularly shaped Exclusive Use Area (EUA) which is akin to a lot but with restrictions. Because the homes are so close to one another careful regulation of use and appearance is required for maximum enjoyment and to maintain property values. All exterior modifications to Pond Place structures requires the prior approval of the Pond Place Association, Inc., the homeowners association (HOA). The Pond Place Building Guide, available elsewhere on this website, provides guidance on what improvements residents may make and how to go about doing that. Any application of paint or stain to the exterior of structures also requires approval. Maintenance of structures falls entirely upon the owners and the community expects they will always be well maintained and the HOA enforces our strict maintenance standards with semi-annual exterior inspections by our managing agent, White & Katzman. The community expects EUAs to be attractively maintained, with grass mowed and leaves and debris picked up. To assist in this the community sponsors Spring & Fall curbside pick-ups of thatch, leaves and branches. Removal of trees over 6” in diameter, changes to EUA grades and certain landscape installations also require prior permission of the HOA. Purchasers should include the cost of regular maintenance of their structures and EUAs in their budgets.


Repair of water and sewer pipes which exclusively serve a dwelling are the responsibility of the dwelling owner. Service Line endorsements to one’s homeowners insurance policy are thus strongly recommended. All homes in Pond Place are heated with natural gas.


Dogs are common in Pond Place but must be on a leash at all times. They may not be tethered outside and owners are expected to pick up after them.


In order to maintain the driveways, parking areas, roads, common areas, street lights, the tennis court, the walking path and Stub Pond the community received permission of the state legislature to establish the Pond Place Tax District. Owners pay taxes semi-annually based on the assessed value of their structures in addition to dues to the HOA for its operation. They also pay municipal taxes to the Town of Avon.


When Pond Place was created all units were subject to 50 year $50.00/month land leases in favor of the developer. Although many unit owners have paid off their land leases at a discount, many units still remain subject to these leases which will become the obligation of a purchaser. When the lease is fully paid off the unit owner will then own 1/210th of all the land in Pond Place as tenant in common with neighbors along with your dwelling, garage and sheds (if any). You will want to investigate whether your unit is so encumbered.   


Commercial vehicles may not be kept outdoors overnight in Pond Place and on street parking is generally not permitted. Short term rentals are not allowed.


Pond Place is a great place to live. When deciding whether to purchase here, please take into consideration the strict maintenance requirements and private road and facilities upkeep expenses.


Pond Place Association, Inc. Board of Governors

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