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Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2022
Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 6:30 PM
Roll Call Christopher Rossetti, President, Governor
John Williams, Governor
Sue Jansen, Governor
Susan Franke, Secretary, Governor
Mitch Uzwack, Governor
Austin Patenaude, Governor
Katia Salokas, Governor, Treasurer
Unit Owners
Amber Jones
Judy Larkin
Ann Costello
Susan Williams
John Beck
Dana Gilbert
Greg Weston
Marc Visconti
Lois Hessert-Blawie
Suzanne Chase
Property Managers
Michael Montgomery
Lauren Pizzoferrato
Meeting called to order at 6:32 PM
Meeting Minutes of August 2022 and September 2022 Minutes approved. .

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments

7 Edgewood cut trees down and Suzanne Chase (8 Edgewood) believes there was a healthy maple tree cut down erroneously.  She would like the owner to be charged to replace the tree.  Marc Visconti, the general contractor, stated that the tree was damaged during the other tree removal, so it was removed.  Marc Visconti stated that all of the proper procedures were followed. No cutting was done in the buffer.  Landscaping plan will be submitted in the spring of 2023.  Michael Montgomery will research this further and will ask the owner to present to the Board.

John Beck (Irontree) will send Michael Montgomery the address of new residents that may be renters.

Sue Jansen confirmed that the unit owner of 5 Pond Place rented their house to 5 students and asked if there were any occupancy restrictions as she is concerned their large number of vehicles might interfere with emergency vehicles or plows.  Christopher Rossetti clarified there is no written rule, and to change this would require updates to our declaration.  Michael Montgomery sent a communication, and unit owner is working on resolving this.

Dana Gilbert requested for a list of ingredients for herbicides and weed control which Mike Montgomery promised to obtain and remit.

Opportunity to be Heard

9 Edgewood is under new owners who have removed trash bins from public view, so no enforcement action is warranted.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT by Christopher Rossetti (transcribed as submitted).

The Xfinity/Comcast Community Services Agreement was signed and delivered weeks ago. I believe all of the Xfinity/Comcast pedestal fixtures in Pond Place have been repaired or replaced.

Frontier Communications determined that the fixture at 7 Arrowhead actually belonged to Eversource which was contacted by W&K. Repairs on it are pending.

More progress has been made on the website redesign project. The developer, Gena Hamilton, has requested that board members provide her with headshots and e-mail addresses. There is no obligation to do so but it is encouraged.

Good response from the community for volunteers to plan and execute Pond Place Day. Attendance of 50 adults and 30 children is expected. Weather appears favorable. JH Property Services has promised to blow off the path running between the main road in front of 2 Arrowhead Court to the Observation Deck on 10/28/22 and mow the area that will be used for the Cornhole tournament.

We will be adopting a community collection policy for foreclosure of unpaid Association Dues in accordance with guidance provided by Howard Rosenberg, Esq. of Rosenburg & Rosenburg of 111 Simsbury Road in Avon at our upcoming November 30th meeting.


Michael Montgomery received the no charge insurance endorsement for Pond Place Day.

DRC REPORT – Amber Jones, Chairperson

Tree work at 7 Edgewood was reviewed and approved by DRC.

13 September Way roofing on house was replaced in 2018, but the garage was not done.  Unit owner wants to replace the garage roofing.  We will waive the requirement to do both at the same.

Unit owner sent an application to do the skirt around the house, but not the garage.

Unit owner at 1 Pond Place asked about whether the Association would provide fencing along route 44.  Christopher Rossetti is supportive of the property owner putting up a privacy fence at his expense to shield the property from light and sound generated by Rte 44 as long as it conforms to our existing fencing in color and material.



NORTHINGTON MEADOW, INC. REPORT (transcribed as submitted)

Still obtaining guidance from professionals on whether a transfer of the Pond Parcel to either the Association or Tax District is feasible without triggering a taxable event for Northington.

Nick McMahon of Pond & Lake connection provided a quote of $800 to treat the phragmites along the west shore of the pond from the dock to the patch of woods in front of 3 Butternut with herbicide this fall which can be done under their DEEP permit. This does NOT include removing the dead or dying stalks. Repeat treatments for an additional 1-2 years would be needed to assure all phragmites are killed. Objection to use of herbicides on the phragmites have been raised.

A quote from JH Property Services to cut down and remove the phragmites to the left of the dock in front of 4 Butternut has been received for $600.00.

The requested annual report of treatment and pond condition has not as yet been received from the Pond & Lake Connection or a proposal for 2023 treatment.

Christopher Rossetti moved to have the phragmites removed behind 4 Butternut around the pond by using Tax District funds.  John Williams seconded.  Motion approved.


Feedback and photo submission deadline is November 4th.  Report an issue will route to Pilera.  We will launch with the existing history details and update as needed.  DRC form should be accessed through Pilera and will make it a fillable form.  Minutes prior to 2022 will be put into a section with a listing of the combined minutes.


Dryer vent warning is on the site.  John Williams will send a draft to Michael Montgomery to send out by blast email.


20 Gray Pine Common foreclosure was withdrawn. Christopher Rossetti moved to cite owner for lack of property maintenance and to send it to collections for non payment.  Greg Weston seconded.  Motion approved.  Pond Place collection policy should be approved by board and distributed to all owners at the November 30th meeting.  All owners will have the ability to comment and be heard at the November meeting on the proposed policy.

Future Meetings

November 30, 2022 (moved due to Thanksgiving)

December 22, 2022

Meeting adjourned at 7:49 PM

Respectfully submitted by Susan Franke, Secretary

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