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Pond Place Tax District Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2022 Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 7:30 PM
Roll Call
Christopher Rossetti, President
John Williams, Director
Judy Larkin, Director
Susan Franke, Clerk
Amber Jones, Director
Katia Salokas, Director & Treasurer
Greg Weston, Director.
Ann Costello
Sue Jansen

Meeting called to order at 7:51 PM
Approval of Minutes of August 2022 deferred to October meeting.
Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments None

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – by Christopher Rossetti (transcribed as submitted)

Precision Landscape Management largely completed the landscape enhancements they were contracted to provide this season. These includes compete relandscaping of the September Way Island, additions to the Morningside and Pond Circle Islands, creation of a planting bed along the road at 28-32 Gray Pine Common, the Barry Memorial Bench area and replacement of shrubs or plants installed last year which died on Clover Court and Finch Run Islands. The blue stone they installed in front of the Barry Bench does not match the existing pathway bluestone and they have agreed to replace it with stone of a better match. Minor changes to September Way island and Finch Run installations as requested by residents will be undertaken in October.

Some supplemental work has been requested on Highland Square island which we will attempt to complete this fall.

Seasonal flowers were installed in the planting beds to the left of the main road Pond Place sign. A proposal for a specimen drooping/weeping cedar with solar illumination to be installed on the top of the mound on the bed closest to the main road has been requested.

The engagement letter with King & King for the FY 2021-22 audit has been signed and delivered and the audit commenced.

A proposal for refurbishment of the Observation Deck for $1,600 has been received and will be put before the Board for approval. The deck has not received attention in many years.

Account 23135xxx with Webster Bank’s Government Banking Division, which was not earning any interest was closed and the proceeds wired to our LPL account with Gilbert & Timme.

Likewise, the former Tax District operating account XXXXXx8325 with TD Bank was closed and the proceeds wired to our LPL account with Gilbert & Timme.

These funds will be used to purchase a ladder of insured Certificate of Deposits through LPL in different institutions so that the $250,000 FDIC insurance limit is not exceeded.

Mike Montgomery has been tasked with obtaining some additional quotes to refurbish the tennis court.

JH Property Services declined to provide a proposal to install the spare wooden bench (currently resting next to our shed by the Tennis Court) within 2-3 feet of the north side of the jogging path adjacent to the path behind 20 Gray Pine Common as a rest/observation sitting area for walkers. Handyman Rocco Malena was engaged for

$100 to transport and install the bench after he sanded the legs and treated them with wood preservative and gave the bench given two coats of brown paint. Paint cost was $28.01.

Quotes for purchase and installation of a black iron handrail along the retaining wall where the jogging path descends from 28 Gray Pine Common to 27 Gray Pine Common for safety purposes are being sought.

M&S Paving of South Windsor commenced contracted road repair work this date and expects to complete it in early October.




Approximately $711,000 in cash, $16,000 in paid expense, $105,000 overdue, and $17,000 in prepayments for 2023.

Christopher Rossetti added that foreclosure action on 20 Gray Pine Common has been withdrawn by the bank and  requested another bill be sent to homeowner from W&K. 




Observation desk quote for power washing, scraping, and staining is $1,600.  Christopher Rossetti moved to approve. Austin Patenaude seconds. Motion approved.

Collection policy will also be adopted for the Tax District.

Judy Larkin requested the other two benches near the pond be scraped and painted.  Rocco Malena does not have insurance, so Lauren Pizzoferrato suggests Christopher Rossetti ask him to sign a waiver.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM

Respectfully submitted by Susan Franke, Clerk

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