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Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2022
Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 6:30 PM
Roll Call
Christopher Rossetti, President, Governor
John Williams, Governor
Sue Jansen, Governor
Susan Franke, Secretary, Governor
Austin Patenaude, Governor
Katia Salokas, Governor, Treasurer
Mitch Uzwack, Governor

Unit Owners
Amber Jones
Judy Larkin
Ann Costello
Dana Gilbert

Property Managers

Lauren Pizzoferrato

Meeting called to order at 6:38 PM

Approval of Minutes of August 2022 Minutes – deferred to October meeting

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments


Opportunity to be Heard

PRESIDENT’S REPORT by Christopher Rossetti (transcribed as submitted).

The Xfinity/Comcast Community Services Agreement was signed and delivered.

Frontier Communications has been contacted and requested to repair fixtures at 8 Owl and 7 Arrowhead Court.

More progress has been made on the website redesign project. The developer, Gena Hamilton, has requested that board members provide her with headshots and e-mail addresses. There is no obligation to do so but it is encouraged.

Volunteers are needed for minor duties in organizing and executing Pond Place Day.

As currently conceived, it would be held in the late afternoon on either Sunday, October 30th or Halloween. Costume optional. Trick or Treat bags with candy and/or candy apples, etc. would be provided to Pond Place children. Corn Hole Tournament with cash Prizes. Pumpkin Carving Contest with cash prizes. Apple Cider would be provided. Adults may BYOB. Suggested time 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. After sunset Illumination by Torchier and Wax paper Bag Votive Lights. There will be a Jack O Lantern. Location: Barry Bench, Dock and flat grassy adjacent to Stub Pond behind Pond Circle. Admission: Free.

Lamp Oil, torchiers and 4 bean bag game kits have been purchased.

It would be appreciated if all board and committee members helped. Those willing to help should contact me.

Connecticut Water Company initiated its statutory notification procedures of intent to transfer the 150 Darling Drive parcel to Pond Place.

We will be adopting a community collection policy for foreclosure of unpaid Association Dues in accordance with guidance provided by Howard Rosenberg, Esq. of Rosenburg & Rosenburg of 111 Simsbury Road in Avon at our upcoming October 27th meeting.

The Association’s former operating account with TD Bank (Acct. 424736xxxx) was closed and the proceeds used to purchase a 9-month certificate of deposit there.



Bria Gilbert (Gilbert & Timme) – the consolidation of accounts is important.  Capital Reserve study, investment restrictions, and risk tolerance are needed before G&T could determine whether a formal investment advisory relationship would make sense. In the interim capital reserves should be put in a ladder of FDIC insured CDs. All CD’s should be consolidated in the LPL account to enhance ability to monitor. 


Inspections to be completed in October.  Many homeowners with violations have until October 1st to comply, and if not in compliance, fines will be pursued.

DRC REPORT – Amber Jones, Chairperson

Austin Patenaude was cited for the back sliders having white trim, but it is actually the slider.  Christopher Rossetti believes an exception could be granted if the non conformity was not disclosed on Resale Certificate as Austin claimed the sliders were white when purchased. Austin Patenaude will request a hearing before the Board through W&K.

Request to reduce the bedroom windows in a Country House by 18 inches.  Owner would also like to add in a window in the den matching the size of the bathroom window.  Christopher Rossetti asked that these changes be added to the building guide. Amber Jones will email the entire Board (John Williams and Mitch Uzwack are absent) for approval. 

11 Gray Pine Common homeowner will be taking trees down, but does not want to remove stumps because they are not visible by the road.  Christopher Rossetti will evaluate.

Amber Jones stated there is a dead tree between 5 and 6 Keystone.  Chris Rossetti will evaluate.


Financials are looking better.  We have just over $32,000 in late association fees and fines.  Late land leases are approximately $61,000.  Implementing collection process.

NORTHINGTON MEADOW, INC. REPORT (transcribed as submitted)

The annual IRS Form 990 PF has been prepared by Sue Jansen and filed with the IRS.

Christopher King, CPA, suggested that we consult the Attorney General’s Office and Attorney Ed Spinella of Murtha Law on whether a transfer of the Pond Parcel to either the Association or Tax District is feasible without triggering a taxable event for Northington. I propose to be in touch with them both.

Nick McMahon of Pond & Lake connection suggested we treat invasive non native phragmites along the west shore of the pond with herbicide this fall which can be done under their DEEP permit. Phragmites contribute to the eutrophication of the pond and these are also blocking views of the pond from several homes and along the jogging path from the main road to a ways past the dock. Initial treatment would be $800 with suggestion that 1-2 repeat treatment occur in succeeding years.

No proposals for discounted follow on treatment of the pond this year were received from Pond & Lake Connection.

A solar powered fountain, possibly with solar powered illumination, might be a nice aesthetic addition and would simultaneously contribute to the control of algae. Preliminary discussions on this are in order.


Working version is being reviewed by the committee. Need clarification on Report an Issue drop down to determine whether we need this or not.  Will follow up with Lauren and Mike.




Dryer vent warning should be sent to the community regarding inspection and cleaning.  John Williams will look at past notifications and send email to W&K.

Adoption of collection policy will be circulated next week by Christopher Rossetti.

Land lease interest forgiveness was given through June 30th, and board approved a flat 3% interest rate going forward.  Request made by a homeowner to extend the waiver through August.  Motion made by Christopher Rossetti  to decline request for extension. Katia Solakas seconds. Motion passed 5 in favor of motion. None opposed. John Williams abstained.

Future Meetings

October 27, 2022

November 30, 2022 (moved due to Thanksgiving)

December 22, 2022

Meeting adjourned at 7:41 PM

Respectfully submitted by Susan Franke, Secretary

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