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Pond Place Tax District
Meeting Minutes August 25, 2022
Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 7:30 PM
Roll Call
Christopher Rossetti, President
Mitch Uzwack, Vice President
John Williams, Director
Judy Larkin, Director
Susan Franke, Clerk
Greg Weston, Director
Amber Jones, Director
Katia Salokas, Director & Treasurer

Lois Hessert-Blawie
Carol Shaw
Gwenn Saltmann

Meeting called to order at 7:19 PM

Approval of Minutes of July 2022 Minutes approved with correction that Sue Jansen was in attendance. Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments None

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – by Christopher Rossetti (transcribed as submitted)

Randy Kirk, Jr. of Avon Heritage Landscaping, Inc. completed the dead and dying tree removals behind Gray Pine Common, on Finch, on Clover and on the corner of Pond Place and Owl Court and was grinding out the stumps today.

Our landscaper, JH Property Services, agreed to accept a voluntary monthly $150.00 fuel surcharge payment, presumably starting with their July invoice in place of the $400/month they had requested due to rising gasoline prices.

Precision Landscape Management will be performing the landscape improvements on September Way island, Morningside island, Pond Circle island, and on the berm in front of 28-32 Gray Pine Common.

I will be proposing the closure of the non-interest bearing account 23135xxx with Webster Bank’s Government Banking Division and transferring it to Gilbert & Timme where it will be used to purchase a ladder of insured Certificate of Deposits in different institutions so that the $250,000 FDIC insurance limit is not exceeded.

Mike Montgomery has been tasked with obtaining some additional quotes to refurbish the tennis court.

Mike Montgomery has been tasked with identifying competent contractors to power wash and re-stain the Observation Deck and will be reporting on that.

Mike Montgomery will be tasked with obtaining a quote from JH Property Services to install the spare wooden bench (currently resting next to our shed by the Tennis Court) within 2-3 feet of the north side of the jogging path adjacent to the path behind 20 Gray Pine Common as a rest/observation sitting area for walkers and to install a black iron handrail along the retaining wall where the jogging path descends from 28 Gray Pine Common to 27 Gray Pine Common for safety purposes.


No additional proposals have been received for refurbishment of the Tennis Court.  Observation Deck re-finishing proposals expected within 2 weeks.






Christopher Rossetti moved to be authorized to close Webster Bank reserve account 23135246 and have the funds transferred to our account with LPL through Gilbert & Timme to be invested in laddered cds. Greg Weston seconded. Motion approved.

Mike Montgomery will call JH Landscaping to address weeds on the jogging path between 24 – 27 Gray Pine Common.

Carol Shaw asked if water irrigation in the pond would help the weeds and algae.  Christopher Rossetti will get proposals from two companies for 2023 budget consideration.

Per Judy Larkin the late Dom Zacchio’s front area landscape beds are being provided by JH Landscaping. Larkin and several other residents/members objected to same.  After further discussion Christopher Rossetti moved that this be matter be tabled until next month. Judy Larkin seconded the motion. Motion approved. Michael Montgomery will advise JH Property Services they are not obliged to care for the Zacchio landscape beds under our contract with them.

Christopher Rossetti moved to approve an official Pond Place Day event be held on October 30th, Amber Jones seconded. Motion approved unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 8:02 PM

Respectfully submitted by Susan Franke, Clerk

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