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Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2022

Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 6:30 PM

Roll Call
Christopher Rossetti, President & Governor
John Williams, Governor
Sue Jansen, Governor
Mitch Uzwack, Vice-President &Governor
Susan Franke, Secretary & Governor
Katia Salokas, Governor, Treasurer
Austin Patenaude, Governor

Unit Owners
Amber Jones
Judy Larkin
Lois Hessert-Blawie
Greg Weston
Carol Shaw
Gwenn Saltmann
Jessica Roman
Jeryll Noorden
Property Managers
Michael Montgomery
Lauren Pizzoferrato

Meeting called to order at 6:32 PM

Approval of Minutes of July 2022 Minutes – Judy Larkin asked that Secretary should be Susan Franke, not John Williams. Judy Larkin requested New Business section for deck variance state that the patio at 11 Clover Court should be removed.  Chris Rossetti moves to approve minutes with corrections, Judy Larkin seconds, motion passed.

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments

Dana Gilbert (16 September Way) – request for 3-day notification prior to spraying and include product name and ingredients.  Michael Montgomery agreed to this request.

Opportunity to be Heard

Jessica Roman, Jerryl Noorden, Roman and Noordon, LLC and Noorden Estates LLC (3 Finch Run) – show cause why a fine should not be imposed for erection of a deck exceeding the permitted area under the Pond Place Building Guide without permission. Interested parties asked that their pending variance request for a deck totaling 405 square feet be approved and represented the existing deck would be brought into conformity with the new plans within 30 days of this date. M. Uzwak moved and C. Rossetti seconded a Motion to Grant said Variance. Board unanimously approved. C. Rossetti moved and M. Uzwack seconded a Motion to impose a $10/day fine after 45days from date for each day the deck is in non-conformity with the square footage approved under the variance granted this date. Unanimously approved.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT by Christopher Rossetti

The draft Xfinity/Comcast Community Services Agreement was reviewed by Ford & Paulekas, LLP and two further changes were advised: (1) adding a statement of work which mandated repair of damaged or unsafe Comcast fixtures in Pond Place and (2) increasing the compensation to $125/unit, which the firm’s clients have been paid in the past by Comcast. Comcast agreed to our request and sent a revised agreement with a statement of work attached. The Statement of Work did not itemize several fixtures of which I was aware that were in disrepair so I requested they review these locations and add them to the Statement of Work.

Progress has been made on the website redesign project. The developer, Gena Hamilton, has requested that board members provide her with headshots and e-mail addresses. There is no obligation to do so but it is encouraged.

Volunteers are needed for minor duties in organizing and executing Pond Place Day.

As currently conceived it would be held in the late afternoon on either Sunday October 30th or Halloween. Costume optional. Trick or Treat bags with candy and/or candy apples, etc. would be provided to Pond Place children. Corn Hole Tournament with Prizes. Apple Cider would be provided. Adults may BYOB. Suggested time 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. After sunset Illumination by Torchier and Wax paper Bag Votive Lights. There will be a Jack O Lantern. Location: Barry Bench, Dock and flat grassy adjacent to Stub Pond behind Pond Circle. Admission: Free.

Those willing to help should contact me.

Connecticut Water Company initiated its statutory notification procedures of intent to transfer the 150 Darling Drive parcel to Pond Place.

The large bifurcated white pine tree 9 Gray Pine Common, subject of a Notice and Opportunity to be Heard at last month’s meeting, was satisfactorily removed earlier this month.

An application was submitted on 8/23/22 regarding the deck at 3 Finch Run by Jessica Roman on behalf of the corporate owner requesting a variance for that would significantly reduce the size of the existing deck.

Jeff McChristian, our attorney, notified me today that he is planning on retiring “at the end of this year”. It is my intention obtain a written proposal to place before the board from Rosenburg & Rosenburg of 111 Simsbury Road in Avon to handle future collection matters on behalf of Pond Place Association, Inc and the Pond Place Tax District. Per Atty. Howard Rosenburg: “My initial title search fee is $225.00 and attorney’s fee is $450.00.  If we go to foreclosure, our hourly fee is $250.00 per hour.  As you know, we don’t bill the association for anything.  We look to the unit owner or bank for payment.” They come recommended by White & Katzman.

I will be moving to close Pond Place Association’s former operating account with TD Bank (Acct. 424736xxxx) which is no longer needed and turning the balance into a CD there.


No updates

DRC REPORT – Amber Jones, Chairperson

A few applications are pending. Researching alternative materials.


Treasurer absent and no report furnished.

NORTHINGTON MEADOW, INC. REPORT by Christopher Rossetti, President (transcribed as submitted)

I have re-requested by phone and by e-mail guidance from Christopher King, CPA, on the tax consequences, if any, of transferring the Stub Pond parcel from Northington Meadow, Inc. to Pond Place Association, Inc.

In mid-August, I had Mark Rowland, the principal of L.I.F.E.,Inc., who had been providing limited as requested herbicide treatment services to Northington in 2018-2021 to inspect the pond. He stated that at this point in the season the treatment “should have almost completely cleared the pond of weeds and algae.” He asked to see the treatment protocol implemented by Pond & Lake Connection, our current provider, to better understand what went wrong. On 8/23/22 the records of Northington finally came into my possession and I will be providing him with a price redacted copy of that to obtain further feedback and possible guidance. Rowland expressed interest in becoming our future provider.

On August 24th I met with Nick McMahon of the Pond & Lake Connection and he inspected the pond in my presence. Nick was visibly dismayed and said he was “very disappointed” in the results of this season’s treatments; that he was going to ask his supervisor if “anything might be done for Pond Place” as in possibly giving us a discounted 4th treatment or some type of concession on next year’s program. He thought that less expensive “contact” herbicides probably should have been used in place of the “systemic” type due to the significant water flow through the pond and over the dam…even though it was a very dry summer.

The weeds present in the pond are basically three: American Pond Weed, Duck Weed and Water Meal. The former is the weed with leaves readily visible. The latter two are very tiny floating green specs, not much larger than specks of sand.

Also present is much lesser amounts are floating clumps of greed algae.

Finally, along the edge of the pond are growing stands of Phragmites which are a non-native invasive species of stalky plant that are growing out into the pond and contributing to its eutrophication. Eradication requires spray treatment. He was going to review our existing DEEP issued permit to determine whether their destruction could be covered under it. Rule of thumb is that complete eradication requires at least two and sometimes three consecutive years of treatment.

Nick reassured that none of the herbicides the EPA and DEEP permit to be used are dangerous to aquatic life, amphibians or wildlife when used as directed.

I have requested they provide us with a written end of year report for which their fee is $395.00 and a proposed 2023 treatment proposal.

He stated that no water testing was indicated.


Gena Hamilton has made progress.  Meeting to be scheduled for committee to review.




Amy Thall owner of 14 September Way requested additional time to complete stump removal orders issued by against her property. C. Rossetti moved to extend her time for compliance due to hardship shown until May 31, 2023. Motion duly seconded and passed unanimously.

Land Lease  Christopher Rossetti moved to fix the interest rate retroactively and prospectively on delinquent land lease payments further action of this Board at 3% fixed without compounding in lieu of the Hartford Prime Rate plus 3% as permitted under the Standard Ground Lease Covenants. Motion duly seconded and passed unanimously.

TD Bank – C. Rossetti moved to close TD Bank Operating Account 4247366019 no longer used), and invest the funds in a CD. Mitch Uzwack seconded. Motion passed.

Future Meetings

September 22, 2022

October 27, 2022

November 30, 2022 (moved due to Thanksgiving)

December 22, 2022

Meeting adjourned at 7:13 PM

Respectfully submitted by Susan Franke, Secretary

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