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Pond Place Tax District Meeting Minutes
July 28, 2022
Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 7:00 PM
Roll Call
Christopher Rossetti, President&lt
Mitch Uzwack, Vice President
John Williams, Director
Judy Larkin, Director
Susan Franke, Clerk
Greg Weston, Director
Amber Jones, Director


Katia Salokas, Director & Treasurer

Lois Hessert-Blawie
Gwenn Saltmann

Ann Costello

Carol Shaw

Jim Downie

Approval of January-June 2022 Board meeting minutes

Sue Jansen stated she was in attendance for the June meeting and requested the draft minutes be amended to reflect that fact.  Chris moved to approve the minutes as circulated with that correction. Susan seconded. Unanimously approved. Judy voted to approve the May and June minutes but abstained for the others

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments


PRESIDENT’S REPORT – by Christopher Rossetti (transcribed as submitted)

The crack filing and road repair proposals were redrafted to include several overlooked items and will be presented to the board under New Business this evening for action. These were the laying of about 121 feet of curbing on the south side of Pond Place opposite Morningside Court to prevent erosion of the embankment and the deposition of road sand into the backyard of 13 Laurel Lane during rains, the replacement of a trashed catch basin top on the west side of Dove Circle and the cut out and repair of a large section of Raven proximate to its catch basin where due to the caving of the road water pools and ice sheets form during winter. The recommendation will be that we engage M&S Paving of South Windsor to do crack sealing for $10,900 and road repairs for $12,400.

Driveway pea stone replenishment occurred earlier this month by JH Property Services for $8,980.21.

The second round of driveway herbicide application occurred earlier this month by True Green Chemlawn. It may be that this is the last application for this year.

As I advised some members of the community earlier this month by e-mail, it will be my position going forward that pesticides should only be employed on diseased or seriously at risk ornamentals.

Susan Franke and I, with the assistance of notes made by Lauren Pizzoferrato, drafted the January, February, March and April minutes and put the May and June minutes into proper order. This was a very time-consuming activity for which I will be seeking the board’s approval for some compensation for Susan Franke under New Business.

Avon Heritage Landscaping advises they will begin the tree and stump removal work in early August.

Our landscaper, JH Property Services, starting with their July invoices began imposing fuel surcharges even though the price of Gasoline has been declining: $400 on Pond Place Tax District and $200 on Northington Meadows. We are into year 2 of a 5 year fixed price contract with them. They have been doing an acceptable job but received a significant increase in their annual compensation when that contract was signed. There is no provision for fuel surcharges in their contract. Under New Business I will be requesting authority to negotiate with them to resolve this situation recognizing they have experienced possibly unforeseen price increases in fuel and materials.

Under New Business I will be requesting W&K to identify competent contractors to power wash and re-stain the Observation Deck.








Chris stated JH Property Services had submitted several invoices with gas surcharges outside the parameters of the existing contracts. Chris moved for authority for he and Mike Montgomery to negotiate a resolution of this matter with John Hannan of JH. Amber seconded. Mike feels we have leverage to negotiate since it is not in our contract. Motion passed unanimously.

Chris reported that a satisfactory proposal had been received from M&S Paving of South Windsor for road crack sealing ($10,900) and curb repair, road patching and catch basin top repairs ($12,400). M&S had the lowest cost proposal for the work. Proposals had also been received from Constantine Paving and Renew Asphault.

Chris moved to approve M&S’s two proposals.  Amber seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.  Mike agreed to have W&K to send notification to owners with advanced notice from M&S.

Chris reported that the Finance committee had placed funds in the budget to pay for transcription of the monthly minutes. Despite requesting volunteers for pay from the community no one had responded. Chris moved that the Secretary be compensated $100 to transcribe the combined Association and Tax District monthly meeting minutes and that she be compensated $600 for preparation of the January-June 2022 minutes.  Amber seconded.  Passed unanimously with Susan Franke abstaining.

Meeting adjourned at 7:42 PM

Respectfully submitted by Susan Franke, Clerk

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