Tax District Meeting Minutes|

Pond Place Tax District. Meeting Minutes
June 30, 2022
Virtual Director’s Meeting @ 7:00 PM

Roll Call
Christopher Rossetti, President
Mitch Uzwack, Vice President
Katia Salokas, Director & Treasurer
John Williams, Director
Judy Larkin, Director
Susan Franke, Clerk
Greg Weston, Director
Amber Jones, Director


Nanci Russo Arlene Gerace Jon Beck Carol Shaw Gary Gianini Ann Costello

Approval of prior Board meeting minutes deferred

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments



Christopher Rossetti reports that W&K does not oversee projects without charging a fee. Therefore he has been handling this summer’s catch basin cleaning, road repair and landscaping projects.

Christopher has received 3 quotes (ReNew Asphalt, MS Paving & Constantine Paving). Each quote specifies different areas requiring attention. He needs to specify the items we want done and allow them to re-bid on just those so a fair comparison can be made. The proposals were for both crack sealing and paving repair were shy of $20,000.00. The expectation is that work would be done in August. Proposals for the major landscaping projects were received from each JH and Precision (the contractor which did the islands last summer). Precision’s bid was lower.


Michael reported that the common area fertilization, pesticide and herbicide treatment has been completed. Michael stated that he has received some complaints and is following up on them.

Catch basin inspection and cleaning project was finished in May with no issues observed.


Katia provided an overview of the financial statements.
Annual dues and Tax District bills will be mailed in one package with the schedule of meetings and overdue account statements on or about 7/1/22


Christopher reports that there have been no responses to his e-mails to Michael Famiglietti requesting the General Ledger Trial Balances for the period 7/1/21 to 12/31/22. Mike Montgomery confirms his calls to CM have not been returned.


Tennis Court Repair Quote – we have only received one quote in the amount of $22,315.

Mike Montgomery reports he and Lauren are attempting to obtain other proposals.

Mike Montgomery outlined his proposed delinquency collection policy for Pond Place Tax District as follows

After an account is 30 days late, a late fee should be imposed and a statement mailed; After an account is 60 days late another late fee should be imposed and a letter sent demanding payment within 7 days or the account will be referred for collection.
When payment is still not forthcoming after this, Mike will check with the President or Treasurer for permission to refer the matter to Pond Place’s collection counsel for further action.

Christopher advised that a late fee cannot be imposed on Tax District delinquents but that interest @ 1.5% per month accrues on unpaid taxes. Christopher Rossetti moved that the Tax District adopt the collections process Mike Montgomery outlined but with statutory interest in lieu of a “late fee”. Motion was seconded and unanimously passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:33 PM
Respectfully submitted, Susan Franke, Clerk

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