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June 30, 2022
Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 6:30 PM

Roll Call
Christopher Rossetti, President, Governor
Katia Salokas, Governor, Treasurer
John Williams, Secretary/Governor
Sue Jansen, Governor
Austin Patenaude, Governor
Mitch Uzwack, Vice-President & Governor
Susan Franke, Governor

Unit Owners

Amber Jones
Nanci Russo
Arlene Gerace
Judy Larkin
Jon Beck
Carol Shaw
Gary Gianini, Northington Meadows President

Property Managers

Michael Montgomery
Lauren Pizzoferrato

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM
Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting Minutes – deferred

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments

Arlene Gerace, 22 Gray Pine Common, asked if all of the weeds have been sprayed in driveways because there is a non-working car parked between 21 & 23 and the other unit is empty. Additionally, pea stones have not been put down. Michael Montgomery will research with the contractor.

Sue Jansen mentioned the garage windows at 5 Pond Place are broken. Michael will make a note.

Nanci Russo,1 Morningside Court states that her grass was not cut due to her mower being in the shop, but it is cut now.

Carol Shaw mentioned that there was no communication regarding what and where Chenail recently sprayed. Michael acknowledged it was an oversight and will send a copy of the products applied to Carol Shaw.

Jon Beck asked if firepits are permitted in Pond Place. Christopher Rossetti stated that they have been permitted as landscape improvements although there is nothing explicitly about them in the current Building Guide. The DRC will add them to the revised guide with appropriate conditions.


Christopher reported that Michael Montgomery will be running the meetings going forward.

Christopher suggests that the proposed changes to the Building Guide be reviewed and considered at a separate meeting of the Board of Governors after which they will be presented to the community for comment.

Comcast is requiring a Communities Service Agreement be signed before they will fix the damaged cable fixtures. Christopher has succeeded in obtaining some adjustments to the standard agreement for Pond Place. Comcast will compensate Pond Place $100 per unit as a one-time payment. Michael Montgomery states this compensation is consistent with other communities have received. The funds will be received by the Association and utilized as determined by the Board. Christopher does not believe the payment constitutes taxable income, but he will ask K&K. The agreement will be sent to our attorneys for review and comment and then to the Board for approval or rejection.

CT Water Company acquisition – no further information

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Michael states that the inspections are completed and over 80 violation letters were sent. There has been communication back and forth with violators and an updated will matrix will be provided to the Board before the next meeting. A matter concerning a non conforming porch canopy will be presented to the Board at its next meeting.


Amber Jones will schedule a separate meeting with the Board to review the proposed revisions to the building guide.

The DRC is working on the fillable Exterior Modification Application form. The committee is going to make some changes to the form based on their experience with recent applications.

Jon Williams states the fillable form will be on the Pilera platform but not the Pond Place website. The Pond Place website will direct folks to the Pilera platform and provide specific instructions on how to complete the application and file it on Pilera.


Katia Salokas requested that Venora Electric invoice which Christopher Rossetti has rejected for payment be removed from the system and that Venora be notified of rejection of same in writing by W&K.
She reported that statements of account of all open land leases had been sent in accordance with the earlier resolution of the board which waived collection of historic interest on accounts brought current by 6/30/22.

She reported that statements of account for all Association delinquents would be mailed around July 1st with the FY 22-23 Association Dues bill and Tax District tax bills.
She reported that 39 dwellings had opted out of trash and recyclables pick up service for the new fiscal year.

Aging report is in process.
Christopher requested that uncollectible fines be written off the books.


Gary Gianini reports that brush around the dam was recently trimmed by JH Property Services and that and the 3rd scheduled herbicide treatment of the pond will occur in July.
Gary reminds attendees that he is no longer on the board, but can serve as an advocate for the pond if desired.

Christopher believes the Board should consider transferring the pond parcel to Pond Place Association, Inc. and dissolving Northington Meadow Inc. He believes we could save legal and accounting fees and reduce insurance premiums should this occur. Further the cumbersomeness of having yet another entity involved in decision making could be eliminated. Christopher will ask K&K to review the tax implications of a transfer and will identify a lawyer or firm that has competence in this field to provide guidance. As there are many more important matters that need to be addressed by the Board, Rossetti says this project is for the future.

Sue Jansen states that as a not-for-profit, we could do fundraising.


Mike stated copies of the Audit for FY ending 6/30/21 were emailed to board at end of May and no questions have been raised.


Christopher moved we renew all insurance policies this fiscal year with our existing carriers while permitting W&K to review them to determine whether we have satisfactory coverage at the right price from the right carriers for FY 23-24. Amber Jones seconded the motion which was passed unanimously.

Mike Montgomery outlined his proposed delinquency collection policy for Pond Place as follows:

After an account is 30 days late, a late fee should be imposed and a statement mailed; After an account is 60 days late another late fee should be imposed and a letter sent demanding payment within 7 days or the account will be referred for collection.
When payment is still not forthcoming after this, Mike will check with the President or Treasurer for permission to refer the matter to Pond Place’s collection counsel for further action.

Approximate amounts overdue are as follows: Tax District $106,000, Land Leases $60,000, and Association $21,000.
CM was not posting interest or late charges on accounts.
Board will need to provide guidance on that.

Christopher Rossetti moved to have White & Katzman implement the above-stated process for all Pond Place Association and Land Lease accounts still delinquent on May 31, 2022. Mitch seconded said Motion and it was passed unanimously.

Draft FY 22/23 Budget

Christopher Rossetti reported that the Finance Committee met and approved integrating land lease income with other Association income as recommended by K&K. The Committee’s budget proposed retaining the annual fee at $425.00 with a $234.00 credit for those properly opting out of trash and recyclables service. The budget included funds to begin writing off uncollectible fines and to Northington Meadows for intensive treatment of the pond and dam repair among other things. It was noted that there was no money in the draft budget for website redesign. Christopher Rossetti moved that the draft budget be adopted but with a $3,750.00 addition to expenses for website redesign and reduction in the proposed contribution to Tax District reserves by a like amount. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

The following schedule was adopted for meetings during the calendar year 2022 with meetings to be held at 6:30 PM on the 4th Thursday of each month except for November when due to Thanksgiving it would be moved to the last Thursday of the month.

July 28, 2022 August 25, 2022 September 22, 2022 October 27, 2022

November 30, 2022 (moved due to Thanksgiving December 22, 2022

Meeting adjourned at 7:57 PM
Respectfully submitted, Susan Franke, Secretary

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