Tax District Meeting Minutes|

Pond Place Tax District Minutes
April 27, 2022
Virtual Directors Meeting @ 6:30 PM

Roll Call

Christopher Rossetti, President
Gary Gianini, Vice President
Charles Wall, Director
John Williams, Clerk

Mitch Uzwack, Director
Sue Jansen, Director
Amber Jones, Director
Austin Patenaude, Director

Meeting called to order at 6:50 PM.

Approval of Minutes of January 24, 2022 and February 28th and March 28th meetings – deferred to May meeting due to missing minutes from February meeting and failure to circulate draft minutes on a timely basis to the Board.

Manager’s Report

Lauren Pizzoferrato reported that she had been in contact with Keith Mitchell at Comcast. Mitchell will be issuing repair service ticket for damaged cable fixtures at 7-8 Arrowhead, 1 Owl and 6 Finch. Mitchell however wants Pond Place to sign “Access Agreement.” Agreement under review by Christopher Rossetti, who has requested some changes to their standard agreement.

Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

No progress made as yet on identifying reasonably priced provider to conduct a review of Tax District ledgers during CM management 2018-2021. However Jeff McChristian advises that Ford & Paulekas will have their paralegals do all necessary retroactive interest calculations on accounts their office receives for collection and this appears to be the best solution for that problem.

Christopher Rossetti announced Sanitrol of North Branford has been engaged to clean and inspect all Pond Place catch basins for $5,380.

Removal of old benches from Greenway accomplished.

New Business

Rossetti reported he will be available to meet with homeowners from Pond Circle, September Way, and Morningside Court in May to obtain their input regarding the relandscaping of September Way island or landscape enhancements of the center islands of Pond Circle and Morningside.

Christopher Rossetti recommended replacement of existing section of privacy fence along northern perimeter between Clover Court and Dove Circle by Walsh Fence. Fence will be 240 linear feet at a price of $17,580 Motion to engage was made, seconded, and unanimously approved with funds for project tol be taken from capital reserves.

Christopher Rossetti made the following resolution in writing: Capital Reserve Study Committee Resolution…..Pursuant to Article VI Section 1 of the Bylaws of the Pond Place Association, Inc. the Board hereby creates a committee to study the sufficiency of our capital reserves with due consideration to the useful life and estimated replacement cost of our Capital Assets, including those leased to the Pond Place Tax District, to include all paved road surfaces, curbing, stone walls, street lights and wiring, pathway lights and wiring, the Bridge, the Observation Deck, the Dock, the Front Entry Sign, the row boat, the shed, electrical meter cabinets; guard rails, the jogging path, the tennis court, all privacy fencing, the Rte 44 gate, and all other capital assets owned by the communities and report back to the joint boards on or before their October 2022 monthly meeting in writing.

The committee shall include the following members of the Pond Place community: Chairperson Susan Franke

Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

It was reported that the Finance Committee met on April 21st and drafted FY 2022-2023 budget. Recommended budget is $307,900 which represents an approximate 8% reduction entirely due to reductions in contributions to capital reserves. Board voted 7 to 1 to recommend adoption of said budget at the annual meeting. Susan Jansen voted against recommending the proposed budget because it failed to adequately fund reserves.

Juvenile playscape discussed. Will be proposed at the annual meeting outside of the budget with funds to be defrayed from Capital Reserve account.

Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, Lauren Pizzoferrato, Temp. Clerk

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