Association Meeting Minutes|

Roll Call

Christopher Rossetti, President & Governor
Gary Gianini, Vice President & Governor
Charles Wall, Governor
John Williams, Secretary/Governor


Mitch Uzwack, Governor
Austin Patenaude, Governor
Meeting called to order 6:01PM

Approval of Minutes of January 24th, 2022 and February 28th, and March 28th meetings, 2022 – deferred to May meeting.

President’s Report – waived

Manager’s Report – property inspections commenced on Wednesday, April 27th and will be completed on Friday, April 29th. Trash barrel compliance checks will resume on Thursday, May 5th.

DRC Report – committee is considering another composite siding option. Susan Franke volunteered to help with the editing of the building guide. W&K has the ability to conduct surveys of the homeowners (similar to Survey Monkey) with respect to changes in the building guide.

14 September Way’s dark siding color was rejected, and they will be submitting a lighter color.

Website Update Committee Report – committee reviewed multiple proposals and recommends using Exact Digital Media. Board of Directors will review proposal and will ratify at the next meeting.

Northington Meadow, Inc. Report – Dam repairs are needed. Sluice remains stuck in partially open position. Pond may need to be lowered to permit repairs. If so, recommend lowering of pond after breeding season.

Board requested supplemental $600 transfer from Pond Place Association to cover short fall in their budget. Northington Board recommends engaging SSS for dam repair and sluice valve repair. Board unanimously approved the $600 transfer request.

Old Business – none

New Business

Lauren Pizzoferrato announced Selectman’s Chambers at Avon Town Hall has been reserved for the annual meeting on May 19th at 6:30 PM. Board voted unanimously to hold Annual Meeting at said place, date, and time.

Christopher Rossetti briefed Board on proposed sale by Connecticut Water Company of 150 Darling Drive (3.7-acre parcel of industrial zoned land adjacent to main entry road of Pond Place) to Pond Place Association.

Discussion held on Christopher Rossetti’s resolution mandating that all members furnish email addresses to Association’s managers. Discussion ensued. Insufficient support at this time for said motion and motion was withdrawn.

Meeting adjourned at 6:52 PM
Respectfully submitted, Lauren Pizzoferrato, Temp. Clerk

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