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Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 7:00 PM

Roll Call

Pond Place Association Inc. Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2022
Virtual Governor’s Meeting @ 7:00 PM

Christopher Rossetti, President & Governor Gary Gianini, Vice President & Governor John Williams, Secretary/Governor
Mitch Uzwack, Governor

Sue Jansen, Governor Amber Jones, Governor


Austin Patenaude, Governor Charles Wall, Governor Katia Salokas, Treasurer

Meeting called to order at 7:03 PM

President’s Report — Waived

Manager’s Report — Comprehensive inspections will occur in April 2022

DRC Report

Amber Jones updated the Board on the progress on the Build Guide Revisions project

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer was absent from meeting

Northington Meadow, Inc Report

Dam sluice remains partially open. Charlie Wall recommends that W&K plan a site visit to dam to test their understanding of operation of sluice and sluice key in early April

Old Business

FY20/21 Audit has been received and is under review
Land Lease accounts have been thoroughly reviewed by the Treasurer and statements have been furnished to all open Land Lease tenants by W&K.

Christopher Rossetti provided an itemized list of the contents of the Safe Deposit Box at the Avon location of TD Bank. Christopher Rossetti moved that Katia Solakas, as Treasurer, and Mitch Uzwack, as Vice President, be added as authorized persons to access the box, that the current contents of the box remain there, and the Association

continues to use said box. Motion seconded and approved unanimously. Christopher Rossetti furnished a detailed listing of the contents of the box to the Board.

New Business

Christopher Rossetti made a motion to adopt the following resolution regarding delinquent land leases.  Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Land Lease Collection Resolution

Whereas Pond Place Association, Inc. acquired all outstanding Pond Place land leases from Fisher Family Properties in 2007; and

Whereas 86 said leases are currently delinquent; and

Whereas pursuant to the published standard ground lease covenants interest at Hartford’s largest banks prime rate plus 3% may be charged on delinquent installments from date of delinquency; and in addition all costs of collection including attorney’s fees to evict delinquent tenants; and

Whereas although we are a community, it is unfair to those who have paid their leases in full or on time for others to be delinquent;

Now Therefore be it Resolved that as an incentive for those tenants who are delinquent to come current:

1. the Association will waive all historic interest that may have already accrued on those delinquent leases which are paid up or paid off on or before June 30, 2022; and

2. will refer to the Association’s attorney, Ford & Paulekas, for prosecution, including eviction, and all other remedies, including collection of historic interest and costs of collection, of those tenants who are on 7/1/22 more than six months delinquent on their lease payments.

3 Finch Run Variance Request

Owners of 3 Finch Run, Noorden Estates LLC or Roman & Noorden, LLC petitioned for a variance to exceed the combined deck and patio 350 square footage coverage limit in present building guide. Members of the corporate owner corporate, Jessica Roman (aka and Gerald Noorden testified they were unaware of the requirements of the Pond Place building guide and Exterior Modification Application obligation at the time the deck was constructed. They testified the constructed deck exceeds 850 square feet and is without poured concrete footings as required by both the Pond Place Building Guide and Building Regulations of the Town of Avon. They allowed they had not secured a building permit for it from the Town of

Avon before commencing work but they were now pursuing such a permit. Variance denied by a vote of 6-0. Corporate Owners of 3 Finch Run were properly noticed to appear tonight to be heard on why a fine should not be imposed on them for failure to file an EUA when required. After hearing them, the Board voted unanimously to impose a fine of $250 on the unit owner for failure to file an Exterior Modification Application to construct the deck.

Amber Jones volunteered to discuss the outcome of these matters with the owners of 3 Finch Run.

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments

Meeting adjourned at 8:21 PM
Respectfully submitted, Lauren Pizzoferrato, Temp. Clerk

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