Association Meeting Minutes|

Roll Call

Christopher Rossetti, President & Governor
Gary Gianini, Vice President & Governor
John Williams, Secretary/Governor
Mitch Uzwack, Governor

Sue Jansen, Governor
Amber Jones, DRC Chairperson
Katia Solakas, Treasurer
Charles Wall, Governor


Austin Patenaude
Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM
Approval of Minutes of January 24th, 2022 meetings is tabled.

President’s Report

Walsh fence may have hit an electric line while installing the fence. If so, it is believed it will cost no more than $2,000 to repair. Rossetti will investigate and keep the Board posted.

DRC Report

Amber Jones reported progress on comprehensive revisions to the Building Guide and is hoping to have a draft ready for March board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Katia Solakas indicated that the statements will be provided to all open land lease tenants in March. Discussion regarding waiver of historic interest for land lease accounts that are brought up to date by 6/30/22.

Old Business

Status of Audit for FY ending 6/30/21 – Christopher Rossetti has received the draft but still needs to review.

Beacon Communities 20 Security Drive Proposal – Avon Plan of Development – Christopher Rossetti wants to look into professional spokesperson or write to town officials against this. There were no objections.

Zone change process – Rossetti is advised by Town Planner that Pond Place zone change would not materially improve protections from abutting development. Town Planner believes current protection is satisfactory.


New Business

Rossetti discussed the creation of Committee to Redesign and Update Rossetti circulated the attached written motion which was seconded and unanimously approved. 

Homeowner comments

John Day thanked the Board for allowing the submission to Pond Place‘s insurer of his claim for damage to his dwelling at 2 Pond Place caused when a dead tree on Association common area adjacent to the pond fell on his dwelling during a storm.

Corporate owner of 3 Finch Run Proport Manager apologized for construction vehicles blocking the street during renovation of the dwelling.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 PM
Respectfully submitted, Lauren Pizzoferrato, Temp. Clerk

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