Tax District Meeting Minutes|

Pond Place Tax District Minutes
January 24, 2022
Virtual Director’s Meeting @ 7:30 PM

Roll Call Christopher Rossetti, President
Gary Gianini, Vice President
John Williams, Clerk
Mitch Uzwack, Director
Sue Jansen, Director
Katia Solakas, Treasurer
Amber Jones, Director
Charles Wall, Director

Austin Patenaude, Director
Unit Owners Present
Carol Shaw
Claire Henderson
Beverly Drees
Judith Larkin
Ann Costello

White & Katzman Management Present

Adam White, W&K Director of Operations, Lauren Pizzoferrato, Assistant Property Manager

Meeting called to order at 8:46 PM

Manager’s Report

Lauren Pizzoferrato reports 58 unit owners still have no email address with White & Katzman for Association communication.
Snow plowing has been good. Some complaints from owners on side streets about timing.

Treasurer’s Report

Katia Solakas found some errors in revenue posting that were not picked up by auditors. Katia reviewed the failure of CM to post interest on delinquent accounts. She believes there are mis-postings between Association, Tax District, and Land Lease accounts. A review of the Tax District accounts for the period 7/1/2017 to 12/31/2021 is needed to determine correct interest postings on delinquent accounts. Christopher Rossetti will attempt to get obtain quotes from CPA firms to perform such a review.

Old Business

Status of Audit for FY ending 6/30/21 – unreceived as yet.

Barry Bench Plaque status discussed.

New Business

Closure of TD Bank Operating Account needed. Christopher Rossetti wants it closed and the funds transferred to a W&K account.
Christopher Rossetti moves to close account. Motion seconded and passed unanimously.

Forensic audit of Tax District during period of CM Property Management, service as fiscal agent, discussed and passed on at this time.

Discussion of Walsh Fence revised proposal to remove and replace the section of the northern perimeter privacy fence between Pond Place and Clover Court. Due to inflation there is an increase of approximately 10% since this was initially approved by BOD.

Rossetti moves for authorization to engage Walsh Fence per their revised proposal with funds for same to be taken from Tax District reserves. Seconded by Charles Wall and approved unanimously.

Discussion of status of 7-8 Arrowhead Court and 1 Owl Court – the cable pedestal repairs are needed. The one between 7 and 8 Arrowhead is a present hazard to pedestrians as it is near the walking path.

Discussion of catch basin inspection and cleaning – engagement of contractors and solicitation of bids. Christopher Rossetti wants this done in spring, after spring clean-up is completed. No one recalls who Pond Place has used in the past for this service.

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments

Ann Costello states the water level in the drainage swale between 3 & 4 Arrowhead Court is the highest she has ever seen.
Christopher Rossetti wants to make an inventory of these surface water drainage pipe and swale arrangements to facilitate maintenance to keep them flowing properly.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12 PM.

Respectfully Submitted, Lauren Pizzoferrato, Asst. Property Manager, White & Katzman Management, Inc. as Temp. Clerk

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