Association Meeting Minutes|

Roll Call

Christopher Rossetti, President & Governor

Gary Gianini, Vice President & Governor

John Williams, Secretary/Governor

Mitch Uzwack, Governor

Sue Jansen, Governor

Katia Solakas, Treasurer

Charles Wall, Governor

Austin Patenaude, Governor

Unit Owners Present
Carol Shaw, Jon Beck, Claire Henderson, Beverly Drees, Jim Downey, Patrice L, Judith Larkin, Cary Henderson, Ann Costello, Amber Jones

White & Katzman Management Present
Adam White, Director of Operations, Lauren Pizzoferrato, Assistant Property Manager

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM

Approval of Minutes of October 25th and November 22nd, 2021 meetings – October 25th meeting minutes approved with an addition and November 22nd minutes approved unanimously with correction of spelling of Christopher Rossetti’s last name.

President’s Report

Chris discussed management company transition and status of financials. Reported that Katia Salokas was reviewing and correcting CM’s land lease ledger. Once this project is complete, all open land lease tenants will receive a statement of account. He reported progress was being made on updating bank accounts. Susan Jansen requested any accounts be “municipally insured”.

Christopher reported that snow plowing has been adequate to date.

DRC Report

Committee Chair, Amber Jones, would like suggestions for managing Exterior Modification Application Form work flow. Online fillable Exterior Modification Application Form is desired. Sarah White from White & Katzman will reach out to schedule a meeting to show the solutions Pilera has for managing the exterior modification tasks.

Treasurer’s Report

Katia Solakas reported she was integrating land lease payment information from prior management companies (Capstone & ARI) with CM’s spreadsheet. This will eventually be available to all board members via PILERA per Christopher Rossetti. Katia reports some financial information from CM is missing from the last several months but what has been received looks satisfactory so far.

Old Business         

Status of Audit for FY ending 6/30/21 – Christopher Rossetti has received the draft and hope to complete his review soon. If in order it, will then be circulated to the Board.

New Business

Beacon Communities 20 Security Drive Proposal – Avon Plan of Development.  Christopher Rossetti queried the Board as to whether Pond Place Association should take a position on this project. Benefits of a change of zone of Pond Place from Industrial to something else was briefly discussed. No decision reached.

TD Bank Operating Account is the only account left to close. It is not needed any longer since there are new accounts with White & Katzman. Rossetti moved to close the accounts and transfer funds.  Motion seconded and approved unanimously.


Discussion of taxes Association pays sales tax on fractional services rendered based on per centage of rental units. Adam White confirmed this is so.  


Update of Safe Deposit Box authority re box at Avon branch of TD Bank.  Charles Wall thinks there are documents in box. Rossetti will take inventory and inform BOD.


Discussion to have a standby second approver for invoices processed thru Strongroom, Adam says W&K could accommodate this request.


Inspection Matrix conversion status – Christopher Rossetti reports they have received the Matrix from CM Property Management. It was updated for May 2021 inspections, unsure if updated from November 2021 inspections. Rossetti seeks feedback from W&K on how to chart this information when Spring 2022 inspections are conducted.


Discussion of issuance of a statement for all persons who made land lease payments in 2021. Adam White will coordinate meeting with W&K accounting personnel and treasurer Katia Solakas to effectuate this. Discussed having a land lease statement issued annually on each unit’s closing anniversary date. No decision reached.


Discussed creation of committee to redesign and update


Discussion of imposition of fines for certain rules violations:

Consensus that a rule should be adopted with a standard fine of $250 for failure to file an Exterior Design Modification application when required.

Tree removal without permission – prior management company did not inform owners of this requirement and unauthorized tree removal is rampant.

Repeated violations of the trash barrel rule.

It was recommended that before any such automatic fine rule is adopted there be a notice to the community and an opportunity for community comment.


Northington Meadow, Inc. Report

Charles Wall asks for Northing Meadow, Inc. documents to be posted with the other Pond Place documents on the website; also meeting times and dates.

Transfer of Stub Pond parcel from Northington Meadow to Pond Place Association or Tax District discussed to reduce operating expenses.

Consensus is that the advice of a lawyer with expertise in the relevant fields (taxation, non-profits & risk management) be obtained. Possibility of opening Northington Board to all residents of Pond Place discussed. Susan Jansen added lawyer also should have expertise in non-profit 501(c) 3 organizations since Northington Meadow is a 501(c)3.

Charles Wall resigns as President of Northington Meadow, Inc effective 1/31/2022.

Christopher Rossetti would like Northington to consider holding its Board meetings concurrently with Pond Place Association & Tax District.

Charles Wall will provide the draft Northington budget to the Association Finance Committee for its use in preparing the Association FY 22-23 budget.

Resident/Homeowner Questions and Comments

Jon Beck reports street light out at beginning of entrance. It was mentioned that the late Don Zacchio may have extras in his garage. Mitch Uzwak volunteered to investigate.

Ann Costello says a change from industrial zone would have a dramatic beneficial effect. Proposed new development of 20 Security Drive by Beacon Communities Development, LLC. would have dramatic negative impact on Pond Place. The proposed new development is 80% low income, 20% regular income.  She thinks $250 fine for failure to submit EMA form when needed is too much and rules should be phrased more pleasantly.

Meeting adjourned at 8:46 PM

Respectfully Submitted, Lauren Pizzoferrato, Asst. Property Manager, White & Katzman Management, Inc.

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