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Residents are invited to place their brush and leaves out on empty areas next to our roads commencing October 1, 2021 for pick-up by our landscapers - JH Property Services.

Brush and leaf piles should NOT be commingled but kept separate.  Fall clean-up will end on Friday November 19, 2021. 

Residents should NOT place leaves or brush out before October 1, 2021 or
after November 19, 2021.  Our contract with JH does not include pickup of brush or leaves except during those specified dates this year. Should a resident/homeowner fail to abide by the rules back-billing for whatever JH charges to remove the stuff will happen and the
Tax District/Association may levy a fine as well.

DON’T BE A VIOLATOR. This service is to help residents keep their properties
tidy, not to assist in disposal of the remains of landscaping and major pruning
projects that result in logs, stumps and large branches. These are not included in
this arrangement. JH will remove these items for a reasonable charge.
John Hannan, the principal of JH, can be reached at [cell phone] 860-982-4670 to
make arrangements for these items or removal of leaves and brush before or after
the specified dates.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Pond Place BOD

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