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Paine’s, Inc. of Simsbury to remove all Trash and Recyclables from Pond Place Residents

Dear Pond Place Association Members and Residents, 

As announced last fall and funded within the approved Pond Place Association FY 2021-2022 budget, the Association has engaged Paine’s, Inc. of Simsbury to remove all trash and recyclables from Pond Place residents. The purpose of this initiative is to (1) reduce noise, air and visual pollution (2) to reduce the wear and tear caused by multiple heavy trash removal vehicles and (3) to reduce the cost of trash removal to residents. Paine’s will be delivering barrels on 7/1/21 to all those residents who did not opt out in writing by May 31st or who are not already Paine’s customers. Due to Covid 19 interference with the factories that manufacture trash and recyclable barrels not ALL sizes of recyclable barrels are currently available. Should you receive a barrel not to your size liking, please notify CM Property Management (not Paine’s) of the size you would prefer; however, please use the barrels provided until they are replaced by your preferred size. Paine’s will start picking up your trash and recyclables on 7/7/21. 

Trash pick-up will be weekly on Wednesdays and recyclable pick-up will be biweekly on Wednesdays. Your barrels must be on the curb by 6:00AM on Wednesdays. Residents/members who have arrangements with haulers other than Paine’s should take steps, if they have not already done so, to discontinue those services. 

Residents are reminded that trash and recyclable barrels should be kept in your garage or shed (or out of public view if you are lacking one or the other) except on the evening before or the day of pick-up (Wednesdays are the current day of pick-up). Violators of this rule are subject to imposition of maximum fines permitted by Association Bylaws or Tax District ordinance. Your patience and cooperation during implementation of the community trash and recyclables initiative is requested and will be appreciated by the Boards, CM Management and Paine’s of Simsbury. 

Pond Place Board of Governors Approved 6-28-21

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